So, this is my first post of my new WordPress journey.

After many years of struggling with my mental health, a few years ago I finally achieved a diagnosis – Borderline Personality Disorder, of BPD for short. At first I was pleased to have a diagnosis, a name for what was wrong with me. Little did I know that BPD sufferers are viewed as the ‘lepers’ of the mentally ill – the untreatables.

Some are passed from pillar to post, some and written off. I am one of the lucky ones. I managed to reach a point at where I can survive, I can live unsupported by the authorities in the outside world. To the general public, I can appear normal. That is, until they delve a bit deeper and discover the real me.

Through this blog I want to reach people, to help them. I want to give them the support and love they so desperately need, I know how alone they feel.

This is my story, let me share my life with BPD with you.


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