Monthly Archives: March 2012

Starting something

So, I realised I could no longer carry on how I was, I was still working but most of the time in my own little world, not aware of anything that was happening around me. I went on shopping sprees to try to re-invent myself but something drastic needed to change. A friend of mine  […]

After the storm

So for a few days after I made the decision to leave jean, all was quiet. I felt as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, that I had been given a new life. Unfortunately, jean didn’t see it that way. In the months leading up to our split I had become depressed […]

New relationships *explicit content*

New relationships *explicit content* The more time I spent with Jean, the more unhealthy our relationship had become. It soon came time for me to go back to University, but I decided I couldn’t leave her, so we arranged for me to move into her house as a lodger and I would commute for my […]

Sexual Confusion

So, after working as an escort for a fair few months, I returned home from university and moved back in with my parents. While I was away, they believed I had been working in a pub, and now I explained to them I had an agency job, doing short shifts at bars and pubs that […]

The promiscuous side of BPD *explicit content*

So, after recovering enough from Glandular Fever to return to university in my second year (I somehow managed to attend exams and pass my first year whilst Ill) i settled in to my life living with friends in a house in the city, close to the university campus. As a student, I was short of […]

Moving on

So, by now I had entered what some might call ‘recovery’ from my eating disorder. I still thought I was fat, but was not actively starving myself or binging and purging. Whilst I was really ill I spent hours trawling the internet for ‘thinspiration’ – pictures to give me inspiration to get thinner – on […]