Monthly Archives: April 2012

I feel so angry

I feel so angry. I don’t know why I am in such a bad place right now. The biggest stressor for me at the moment is my little dog is lame, she has had a problem with her foot for a little while but I’m sure there is something more sinister going on. Having dogs […]

Do you ever feel like lying?

Just a little something I wrote 🙂 Do you ever feel like lying and watching the world go by? Floundering as you pass through life and always wondering why? Do you ever wish that life could stop to let you catch your breath? It seems that we must keep struggling on, right up until our […]

Some amazing music… right here…

Up to date

So, after the last post, it brings me pretty much up to date. I have currently managed to come off most of my medication, so am only still on Escitalopram, and Diazepam when required. My mood is still changeable, but on the whole is improved, although I have to be very careful with the Escitalopram, […]

The Diagnosis and a letter

So, although I had moved back in with my parents, I continued to see Vicki, now on a weekly basis, and Dr Cranmore, my psychiatrist. A dear friend of mine, who also has BPD, was talking me through a few things in her life, and asked me what my diagnosis was. When I replied ‘depression […]

Moving home *TRIGGERING*

So after the overdoses, and the problems at Lyns, I moved home to live with my parents. It is not an ideal situation (I am still living here now) as they do not understand about my problems and can be very insensitive, also they do not think about the fact I may need support, and […]

Turning over a new leaf *TRIGGERING*

When I think back to when I was at school, I developed a very strange pattern of behaviour which I now understand to be characteristic of BPD. At the beginning of each school term, after two months of not seeing my friends or teachers, I would always try to re-invent myself as a different person. […]