Ultrasound Liposuction

So, I get this e-mail every morning from a company called Groupon, offering anything from 50 – 80% off products, normally  new companies that are trying to drum up business. I do buy a lot of stuff from it, usually thinks like photo canvas’s (good as presents, especially at £12 instead of £70!) and photo books, occasionally vouchers for meals and the like. I figure it’s a great way of getting out of the house and seeing places without spending much money. Anyway, a few months ago, an offer came up which I couldn’t resist; £69 for a course of 6 treatments of ultrasound liposuction.

I have always thought I am overweight, and you can read about my particular eating issues in an earlier post. One of my most hated areas however, has always been my stomach, and for a long time I have considered liposuction, but the cost has put me off. I’m not worried about having an invasive treatment, living with BPD you get used to pain and scars!!

Anyway, I looked up this ‘ultrasound liposuction’ and apparently it’s a new treatment from America, where a machine sends ultrasound waves into your stomach, which agitate the fat cells in the area (and not affecting other body cells) and breaking the membrane so they break down into Triglycerides and Fatty Acids. These are then removed from the body through your urine, via the Lymphatic system. The theory sounded reasonable, and there were several before and after pictures I found that looked reasonable to I decided to purchase the offer.

I had my first treatment last night. I lay on the bed, and she applied the ultrasound gel, then ran the ultrasound paddle over my stomach for 10  minutes, followed by another 10 minutes with another paddle. I’m not sure I can see any results as yet but she told me that it takes several treatments. I have no idea whether it is one of those scams or not, but I figured that for £69 it was worth a try.

Anyway, I have a plan B. I did a little research on liposuction, I can get it done at Harley Street Clinic in London (highly recommended) for approx £3000, and they offer an interest free price plan over 12 months (so roughly £250 a month). It would be affordable but I can’t help thinking I’m doing this for the wrong reasons, I always feel that being thin will make me happy, but somehow I doubt it… maybe I need to find a way of seperating the two things and being happy no matter what size I am?

This morning hasn’t helped. I was talking about the treatment at work, when one of my colleagues (that I don’t particularly get on with too well) pointed out that yesterday I looked ‘podgy’… now I can’t get it out of my head, I know I should think rationally, it’s only a stupid comment and she probably didn’t mean anything by it, but I’m feeling fragile anyway, and now I feel fat too.

The old ‘me’ would have posted about this on facebook, try to get some sympathetic comments like ‘you’re not fat’ blah blah blah. I now understand how attention seeking that is, so I try to avoid putting posts like that on there, I know what people think of me, I don’t want to make it any worse.

Take Care. x

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