30 Day Challenge – Day one

So I’ve seen this on a few blogs, and the original post is here.

I’m not one for keeping up with commitments (in fact I’m terrible) and normally start things in a flourish and never finish them. So this time, I really AM going to stick to it and complete this one. My personal mission!

Day one:  Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts

So, I am a twenty-something BPD sufferer living in the UK. That is the way I will define myself for the purposes of this blog as I am trying to keep it anonymous to protect myself and those that are and have been involved with me. I am a brunette, slightly overweight (although this is subject to much discussion), tall for a girl (5’8?), have size 7 feet and love dogs (I have two).

I try to be kind, genuine and generous, empathic, sympathetic and loving. Sometimes I manage it, other times I fail, then punish myself. I have low self confidence but compensate for it by sometimes becoming promiscuous (usually under the influence of alcohol hence why I avoid it).

So, interesting facts.

  • I have three tattoos
  • I have curly hair, and never shampoo it (this isn’t a filthy as it sounds, I follow a method known as the Devachan Method)
  • My favourite colours are pastel colours such as purple, pink and blue
  • I used to have a moped
  • I am obsessed with my iPad
  • I used to be afraid of my own feet (and other peoples feet still creep me out)
  • I have two half siblings (one half brother and one half sister)
  • I am obsessive about putting moisturiser on my hands
  • I love ketchup
  • My first pet was a cat that, incidentally, could play the piano (I shit you not)
  • I rarely drink alcohol and steer clear of non-prescription drugs
  • I have a towing licence (you need them in the UK if you are under a certain age and want to tow anything)
  • My favourite animal is the horse
  • My favourite TV program is Waterloo Road (an English Sitcom)
  • I love far too quickly

Due to the anonymous nature of my blog I am not going to post a recognisable picture of myself; but here is a picture so I fullfill the days ‘assignment’ 🙂

One comment

  1. You’re not overweight at all! x

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