An excerpt from ‘the life in the night’ – Part one *explicit*

So, while I was escorting, I found it helpful to write a blog (obviously locked and anonymous) on livejournal. I thought you guys would enjoy reading a little bit of it, so here is an excerpt from one of the posts on there. If you enjoyed it, let me know, and I can post some more…

The First Post

  • Mar. 6th, 2008 at 11:27 AM
Well, my first post in what could be many. I do have another livejournal, however have set this one up as i’m not really wanting the people in my life to find out about this secret side of me. I need somewhere to talk about the things that go on in this part of my life and I figured livejournal was the best place. I’ve started working for an agency as a escort. The reason – what is the main reason for everyone? Money. And maybe I’m drawn to this secret life, I don’t know. I’ve had my first client and it was suprisingly easy.I got the call in the morning, and then spent the rest of the day preening myself – I shaved, buffed, made up, straightened my hair, and then I was ready to go. The booking was for a upmarket hotel in my hometown, so I left with plenty of time no spare. I was so, so nervous, but weirdly calm at the same time. I hadn’t had sex for a while so hoped it wouldn’t hurt. Too much info, but I’ve been using my rabbit the last few days to try to prepare myself!!!Anyway, I got their early, so I went and sat in a pub just along from the hotel. I bought myself a diet lemonade, sat down and stared at the drink. I knew if I went through with this it would be the start of something brilliant and exciting, but also something devastating and destructive. I noticed quite a few of the men in the pub were glancing at me and it made me feel confident. I wasn’t dressed like a slapper, the agency I am working for is high end so I was dressed like a businesswoman (although I had stockings, suspenders and basque underneath, which made me feel really sexy).

Anyway, soon it was time to go so I made my way to the hotel. The room the client was booked into was a big suite on the ground floor. I stopped in the toilets to check what I looked like, give myself a wipe between my legs with a babywipe (not neccesary but I can’t tell you how nervous I was) and to faff with my hair. Then I walked up the stairs, down the stairs, up the stairs and down again; just wasting a little time and trying to control my nerves. I finally got the nerve to go for it; knocked on the door and waited.

The door was opened by a guy who looked nice enough; on the older side, balding with a beer belly. I went in, he took my coat, and we satin the ‘lounge’ area on the sofa. I immediately asked about his work as I was told by the agency that is how to start a conversation. It ran smoothly, and we talked about a variety of things, and I was pleased to hold my  own. He then suggested we move to the bedroom (note to self: I should do that next time) so we did, and he opened a draw and handed me near enough £500 in cash. As soon as the money was in my hands, I knew this was going to be easy. It put it in my bad, and turned to him, smiling. I knew it was going to be easier than I thought as I noticed he already had an erection poking out.

I started to kiss him (slightly awkward as he was about a foot shorter than me) and he was a sloppy kisser; but not bad. I had a lightbulb moment and asked him to undress me, which he did slowly, leaving me in basque, suspenders and stockings. All of a sudden, I knew what I had to do, and something came over me. It was almost as if I was acting out a roleplay I’d seen in the movies (I’ve never done roleplay in personal relationships so I’m just guessing); I pushed him down on the bed and straddled him. I went from kissing him on the mouth, to moving down his chin, around his neck and down to his chest.

Moving down his chest, I had to resist the urge to gag upon getting his greying chest hairs stuck in his teeth (lol) and started kissing around his genitals, teasing him. He was pretty loud so I’m assuming that was a good thing and not for effect. I was SO relieved to see he had a really small cock – when I wrapped my hand around it you could only just see the tip – but it wasn’t a problem for me because I had been worried about it being painful. I’m sure when I don’t have sex for a while I close over!

Giving oral was easy – and deep throating was a peice of cake – it wouldn’t even reach the back of my mouth, so I rubbed it on the roof of my mouth instead.

I kind of understand the whole GFE thing now (girl friend experience). It’s a service that is advertised and offered by the agency. It’s more about them thinking they are loved by a hot girl that anything else. It involves french kissing, intimacy, massage – I was his for two hours, at a price. I guess some men want that rather than a cold piece of meat that they pay and then fuck.

After oral he flipped over so he was lying on top of me, and wait for it – started dry humping me!!! I had to think of sad things to stop myself from laughing, and he looked so bizarre. The cheeky bastard; he gets his cock out and we’re about to have sex, when he asks if he can go unprotected until he comes. He knows the rules – and actually my agent later (after telling her) had a complete shit fit about it. Sex is protected, always. Who knows what he might have caught if he tries that on with all escorts he uses?

He then started fucking me; it wasn’t great seeing as he was so small I could barely feel his cock inside me. He stayed on top for a while. The most difficult thing for me at the time, and it sounds silly, was opening my eyes and looking into his. Especially as he kept on doing this creepy thing of opening his eyes wide. We did missionary; then legs over his shoulders; it was pretty standard. Then we rolled over and I went on top for a while. Which I was quite proud of actually; bearing in mind I was apprehensive about it as i’ve barely been on top before so wasn’t sure if I’d make a fool out of myself by rolling around looking like a pleb.

He asked if he was too big for me; and me, without realising what he was REALLY asking and wanting me to say; assured him he wasn’t. When he asked again; I finally twigged; and said in a pained voice that I could just about take him as he was one of the biggest I’d been with. He asked if he could come, then proceeded to, whilst doing weird shudders and making strange groaning noises. We then lay there for about 10 minutes; until I rolled off and did the whole GFE thing…. laying by his side stroking his face. I thought he’d fallen asleep so I spent 10 minutes watching the TV which he’d conveniently left turned on.

He suggested a massage so I agreed – and gave him 30 mins of massage. No clue was I was doing so just rubbed and slapped and pummelled – he groaned a lot so I presume I must have been doing something right! After that we lay there and chatted; he told me about his hot shot job; which I stroked his somewhat protruding stomach in a GFE – like manner. And then that was it – the time was up.

I got dressed and left; with a kiss on the cheek goodbye and a promise that the next time he is in town he will book me again (possibly an empty promise but who knows). I checked in with the agency to let them know all was well and jabbered on about how easy it was and that I was so glad I did it.

J from the agency started saying that she wanted to add me to her second website; the rates and higher but the girls are hotter. She said it’s for girls which more “glamour model” looks. When I got home I looked – she’s not wrong. The girls are HOT. I mean; I’ll put a profile on there sure, but I don’t think I’ll get much work from it looking at all the other girls.

I’m working at it though, i’ve been going running every day with the good old slendertone machine on; and watching what I eat (bar the few slip ups going past Maccy D’s in the last few days!).

So that’s all from me for now; will update whenever I have my next client, or anything of any interest happens!

Lots of love and kisses

  • Location: In bed
  • Mood: accomplished
  • Music: Estelle and Kanye – American Boy

Take Care. x

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