30 Day Challenge – Day Five

What song inspires you?

So I am officially crap, a let down. I was determined I was going to do this 30 day challenge every day, and five days in, I failed it. I never follow through on anything, I am spineless.

So here we go; the song that inspires me; Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars. The main lyric, ‘would you lie with me and just forget the world’ make me think of love, of being special, protected. Unfortunately, I don’t believe anyone would do that for me. That hurts.

Take Care. x




  1. No! Not crap. I hate compliments though, do you? Who cares if you keep up with an f’ing 30 day challenge? ?? AND, someone WILL do that for you. When you’re looking in the right place and the time is right.

  2. I never know how to deal with compliments! Either I don’t trust the person and think they are lying to me, or worry I am going to appear stuck up!!! x

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