30 Day Challenge – Day six

Day 6: Pet peeves

This might be a long list!

  • People clipping their nails (or even worse toe nails) in front of you (eugh the sounds just makes me cringe)
  • Sloppy eating habits or people eating with their mouths open (or talking with food in their mouths and spitting it everywhere, yeurgh!!!!!!!)

  • People not picking up their dog poop
  • Teenage boys with their trousers round their knees (this is supposed to be ‘trendy’ in the UK… I mean, what the hell?)


  • People pulling out on the road in front of you, then driving slow (I get the major rages!!)
  • Dandruff
  • People sneezing or coughing in the close vicinity and not using a tissue (makes me want to scrub my body with bleach)
  • People talking loudly on phones
  • People who push into queues
  • People who aren’t disabled and park in disabled spaces (I hate people like this sooooo bad; those spaces are there for a reason!)
  • BO (come on people, it’s not difficult to wash yourself)
  • Basic lack of manner
  • Innapropriate text speak!! (It’s called TEXT speak for a reason)
  • People not flushing the toilet (so I hate using public toilets and never sit on the seat anyway, but there’s nothing worse than walking in and finding a big fat turd smiling up at you)
  • Boy racers
  • Trolley rammers in the supermarket (the only time I will willingly abuse old people! – It is trolley WAR)

I can think of soooo many more….!

Take Care. x



  1. Mandi · · Reply

    Ok so this cracked me up big time. But I have a few questions …

    Queues are lines you wait in?
    What is text speak?
    What are boy racers?
    Are trolleys like grocery store shopping carts? (If so, agreed. Hate old people walking slowly w/ shopping carts!!)

    1. Queues are lines you wait in…. text speak is what people use in text messages ‘u ok’ ‘w8’ ‘wateva’ ‘tomo’… ok in a text but not otherwise (I think the exception to this is ‘lol’, but only because I use it… lol! Boy racers are those idiot 17 year olds who have just passed their test, buy a pimped up car and drive like they are drunk… trolleys are shopping carts 🙂 xxx

      1. Awesome! Good to know! So since its not on my blog I can tell you that we call boy racers rice burners. Cus its mostly Asians who have “amplified” their exhaust pipes.

        I think our text talk is way different. And like right now i’m on my phone so lots of times I’ll have to go back and modify! We have the standard, WTF, u, w/, w/u, lol, lmfao, lmao… thats all I can think of. And we don’t generally use it outside of texts unless as a joke.

        Trolleys are street cars. Basically like a bus but more open and old fashioned. Carts are US “trolleys”. And yes, I do use those to run into people because dude, GET THE F OUT IF THE WAY!

        Queues…. so funny. I guess it makes sense. We would just say when someone cuts in line. Or “takes cuts”.

        Anyway … for some reason it makes it way more funny when I can’t figure out half of the terms. 🙂

      2. 9:28am… definitely would NOT be awake that early. It’s 2:31am 🙂

  2. Haha… rice burners! That totally made my day!

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