Trying to think positive.

So I apologise if I come across in this post as up myself or arrogant, that is not my intention, in fact that is the main reason why I am blogging these thoughts rather than discussing them in person. I need to get better and I need to feel good about myself to make this happen. So, I am going to write a list of the things I believe are good about myself and my life. I am. It going to follow it up with a list of negatives in order to ‘balance it out’ or make it seem as though I am modest, this is what it is and I hope it works to make me feel positive about things. I am also not going to add any ‘if onlys’ or ‘buts’ to these statements. So;

I have wonderful, caring friends who support me and love me for who I am.

I have two beautiful dogs who are the best thing in the world.

I have a job with good prospects and a decent wage.

I have parents who are happily married and love me.

I live in a nice house, there is always food in the fridge and I am independent – I am free to do what I want to do (work permitting obviously)

I am able to feel empathy for other people and like to think of myself as a generous and caring person.

I have achieved a lot of success competitively within a relatively short space of time.

I am well educated and have a university degree, and have opportunities to further my education.

I am not worried about money.

I have the opportunity to travel.

I am not an ugly person.

A lot of people care about me and my well being.

I can drive, and have my own car.

I have my sight, my hearing, and no terminal illnesses.

This has really helped me to feel a little better about myself. I must try to be more positive ant not let this beat me.

Take care. X



  1. Angel O'Fire · · Reply

    Well written, and some very good things in here that you have in your world, keep focused on them as hard as it can be and how easily they can become not so clear and get blurry, ((hugs))

  2. Well done, I wish i could write a list of positives about myself. Very well thought of and written

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