Feeling better

Having a positive day today, which is surprising because of how low I’ve been feeling, but then I really should be used to BPD mood swings by now!

My mum has been asking me again about the cuts on my hand. I still can’t admit it, despite the fact it is blatantly obvious that I didn’t ‘fall over’. Even though it’s blatant, I still can’t actually admit it, perhaps because I am ashamed?

Anyway, checking out, but just wanted to update to stay I’m feeling positive today.

Take care. X


One comment

  1. Angel O'Fire · · Reply

    I don’t think anybody can ever get used to the severe mood-swings that come with BPD, as for the cut’s and you feeling that you can not admit to how these happened already knowing in your heart that your mum know’s that they are not a fall, it sounds like you mum is prompting you to tell her how they came about, as hard as it is.
    stay strong, ((hugs))

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