30 Day Challenge – Day fifteen

Day 15: Death row meal.

Ohhh sooo many choices. It would have to be my old childhood favourite;

Garlic butter Chicken Kiev….

Homemade chips (cooked by my dad and he has this way of cooking them just right so they are soft)…..

and Garden Peas….

With ketchup to dip and vinegar to season….

My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Take Care. x



  1. I don’t know what any of this stuff is. Peas, ya… but with stuff on them like vinegar? And how would you dip a pea? I think chips are fries. Cus “fish and chips” is breaded fish and fried potatoes. Ive heard if the chicken one, but it’s definitely not something people cook normally. Like maybe at a nice restaurant. Weird! 🙂

  2. Oh man you are missing out! Chicken Kievs you can buy from the supermarket, they are AMAZING, you have to try and get some. Chips are your fries, but homemade ones are the best. Our ‘chips’ I think are your potato chips? You don’t dip the peas… lol!… you dip the chips in the ketchup, and sprinkle the vinegar over the top… x

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