30 Day Challenge – Day Thirteen

Day 13: Goals.

We all know that part of BPD is having unrealistic goals, or even realistic ones that we never complete, probably because we run out of motivation, or our mind quickly changes to putting our attentions into something else.

So, every year, I write a nice long list of new years resolutions, that I never fulfill. I’m going to change – be a better person – lose weight – get fit – learn a new skill – they are all soon forgotten under December 31st next year. Just like at school, I would return from the school holidays a ‘new’ person – one time I was academic, one time I was ‘abused during the holidays so now very quiet and solomn’, one time I was the life and soul of the party. I never knew why, I just knew when I had been away from my classmates and teachers for several months I also wanted to come back as someone different.

So, Goals;

  • To live a normal life, one which is not dictated or controlled by BPD
  • To have a happy, love filled family (to include husband and kids)
  • To be succesful in my work life and earn enough money to be comfortable
  • To stay healthy
  • To make my dog into a champion

I’ve decided to talk about long term goals here rather than short term goals, but if I were to include a few short term ones these would be;

  • To learn how to apply make up properly
  • To learn how to control my curly hair and keep it in good condition
  • To get down to 10.5 stone and get fit!
  • To learn how to scooter with my dogs
  • To find a nice man and be able to maintain a normal relationship with him rather than it being ruined by my BPD
  • To have amazing but meaningful sex! (Sorry just had to add that one in there!!!)

Take Care. x


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