An excerpt from ‘the life in the night’ – Part two *explicit*

 Overnight… or not?

  • Mar. 11th, 2008 at 12:46 AM
Well, I’m back from the “overnight” that started at 11 – it’s not quarter to one and i’m tucked up in bed already! He booked for 2 hours but had mentioned that he might want to extend it to an overnight stay.Turned up on time (just about, got lost even though the hotel is what, 5 minutes from my house??!!) and met the guy, he seemed nice enough. Irish, and has horses so was here for cheltenham race week. We sorted out money (all in 50’s – I got to use my snazzy new pens to check a few random notes!) and chatted for a little bit about our days, what we do etc, and inevitably horses.We then got comfortable – the first thing I notice is that he’s a shit kisser – open mouthed slobber everywhere, and I do try my best to keep going but it’s hard work. I gave him an all over body massage which he seemed to like, before he started rubbing my clit and fingering me. He seemed to like the whole giving ME pleasure, and listening to me moan (faked but life like lol). He then undressed me and carried on fingering me until I came (that first one was real!).

By this time he was hard so I slowly started to toss him off with the occasional bit of oral. He started playing with my ass, I had to tell him to stop when he started putting a finger inside, in fact I had to tell him about 3 times, It’s not that I don’t like it, I don’t WANT it. I don’t do anything anal.

I then gave him oral combined with hand for a while until he was ready to come then let him “simmer down” again so to speak. We carried on kissing and he carried on rubbing and fingering me, until I came again (or so he thought… lol). I couldn’t help thinking he was being really rough, like he felt as though I was a piece of meat. I mean, it didn’t hurt as such, but it was uncomfortable. And his stubble on my face has given me a rash, and his BO (yes… BO) – the smell is lingering up my nose.

He then got onto his knees and I kneeled in front of him giving him a blowjob. He put his hand on the back of my head, I could feel he was about to come, so I tried to pull my head away (come in mouth [CIM] is a BIG no-no for us agency girls) but he wouldn’t let me move and came in my mouth. I spat out all I could then got up and went to the bathroom where I swilled my mouth out. I told him in no uncertain terms that that was NOT acceptable, and that he knew he wasn’t supposed to do it.

Lay down on the bed together and watched a bit of the film “Angel Eyes” which happened to be on Channel 4 at the time. (Think it has J-Lo in it?) Then after a while, he suggested another massage, and so I obliged, which turned into another blowjob – until he came again. This time I kept my face well clear. Which I think, in fact, pissed him off. It just came across like he didn’t expect me to mind, I don’t think he repsected me. I mean, fair do’s, I’m a hooker/whore/prostitute whatever, and he is the customer, but I’m still a person and my wishes should be respected surely?

After that we lay down together again and he said that he was going to go to sleep and so I could get dressed and go home myself. So I did. He said he’d try to book me for tomorrow night but a) I think he was probably just saying that, I’m sure he’ll look for a girl who will gladly CIM and b) The agency now won’t let him have me.

After I left I rang the agency to check in and told them what had happened. She went BALLISTIC. Like seriously, she said that she would spread the word around for no escort to use him after what he did to me. I mean, I’m not upset, just pissed off, because CIM IS dangerous and he knew full well he shouldn’t be doing it.

Pah. At least I got the money for the 1.5 hours work I did… shame it wasn’t the amount I was expecting from the all nighter!

Lots of love and kisses

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Take Care. x


  1. Angel O'Fire · · Reply

    got to love how men really have no idea how we work, I mean when it comes to matter’s of making us cum……
    they literally get their hand between our legs and then i am certain they get lost, as they fumble around, god its not that hard
    to find the clitoris, and to rub it make it tingle and feel it swell, (surely) yet some dudes have little to no fucking clue……..great blog ((hugs))

  2. Mandi · · Reply

    So you didn’t have to fuck him? I would think giving a blow job might be worse that just fucking him if he wasn’t too clean. I guess its good that he tried to please you… even though it took some acting 🙂

    Angel, it is so not that easy for me. I mean to find, ya… but to actually orgasm that way? Like maybe 4 times in my life! Vibrator is the only way… my husband has tried just about everything! Would be nice if I could!

    1. I had to fuck them – basically once the money had been exchanged – I had to do whatever they wanted. The only three things they were not allowed to do were anal, CIM (come in mouth) and bareback (sex without a condom). Although some of them still asked!!!

      1. I’m not surprised, of course they would push it. I’m sure there were some girls who would. Where there ever any GOOD guys? Like either good looking and actually FUN to fuck, or ok looking and kind?

      2. Yeah – there actually were! I’ll post a few more blog posts on it I think as it’s too long to write in a comment!! x

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