An excerpt from ‘the life in the night’ – Part three *explicit*

*GFE = Girl friend experience (French kissing, massage etc)

[protected post] GFE

  • Mar. 11th, 2008 at 8:20 PM
Bit annoyed as I came on this morning a week early, only light but it’s race week for christ sake – one of the busiest weeks in this area for an escort! I rang the agency who advised me to wear a tampon, then take it out at the last minute, if I was heavy to wet some cotton rolls and put them in. Oh my days. How do I get them out after?! Was still light tonight so went without anything in.My first client tonight was a young man who was reasonably attractive although slightly overweight. It was a home visit (my first) so I parked slightly up the road so’s to be discreet. When I arrived he appeared to be very nervous and he said this was his first time (although I was told later by the agency that this wasn’t true, I guess he was just trying to make himself get sympathy, lol). We sorted out the money and I texted the agency to let them know I was ok. We got comfortable, he had asked me to wear a basque so I wore a black and gold one with matching thong that it oh – so – slightly too small yet looks good if I just wear it a little too low.

We started off with some kissing, french and not, then a massage, then some oral. He had a BIIIG cock. When we got round to fucking I went to put an ordinary condom on and it wouldn’t fit. Got a large one (thank fuck I took the XL’s with me) and had trouble getting that on too… he had to help … oh my GOD how embarrasing was that!

We fucked with me on top for a while, and bearing in mind I didn’t fuck the guy last night, this shag was so much better than the first, the one with the very small cock lol. We then went doggy and he came almost immediately, but doggy was great. He really went deep, which I love.

Unfortunately as he pulled out I noticed blood on the end of the condom but I guess he just decided to not say anything so I didn’t mention it either. I then gave him another massage until he asked whether we should finish up in the lounge, just chatting. We got dressed, or, I let him dress me (thought It would be a very GFE thing to do plus that corset is a bitch to do up!) and moved to the lounge, where I cuddled up to him and we did the GFE thing.

He asked why I started escorting, and I explained because of the money, because I have a horse and uni to fund, and money was running out (I shouldn’t have been that honest with him but hey ho). He said he thought I was too nice for this sort of work, and that I should find a nice rich man to support me (hmm I wonder who he could be talking about…). He also asked if it would be ok to buy me some lingerie and whether I would let him make it a regular thing, say, once a month, which I agreed to. (Whee my first regular!). We chatted for a bit longer, and cuddled, until he said that I could go if I wanted, his grandparents might be home early and he wouldn’t want to be caught!!!. So I kissed him goodbye and went out, to my car that I had parked discreetly up the road from the house.

Drove home and got undresssed, just about ready to get in the shower to wash my hair before my second appointment of the night at 12pm when the agency rings. She practically begs me to do a job for her tonight instead of the one at 12, it’s a 3 hour job with two guys and another agency girl. Fair enough – but I starts at 9 – it’s 10 to 9, im naked, and no-where near where i’m supposed to be. I tell her I can be ready in 10 mins then drive there as soon as I can, after shoving dampened cotton buds up my c*nt as I’d rather not have a repeat of the first client.

Despite getting lost on the way (really need to invest in a sat nav system!) I arrived at the hotel car park where I was supposed to – I was then being picked up and taken to the house. I decided to follow in my car as I didn’t really want to be in the middle of no-where with no way to get out. Got to the house, and it was amazing, like a mansion. So posh, so modern, I could SO live there. The two guys were young, HANDSOME and loaded – using us escorts for a good time instead of the complications of a relationship.

I arrived to champage and being offered lines of coke, which I politely declined. As much as I love coke, probably best not to do it whilst working or when I have to drive home! We chatted in the kitchen for a while, I was like a private party, I felt so glamorous! Music, cocaine, fit loaded men – what more can an escort want? What more can a GIRL want?! It was like a whole other world and I loved being a part of it.

We then moved to the lounge which was even more impressive, and after much persuasion managed to get the guys upstairs. It was then that we split, I had one guy and she had the other, and to be honest, I think I got the better deal XD…

We started off kissing, and I undressed him whilst he complimented me on my basque (won’t mention the fact that I was fucking in it about an hour before…) which led to oral and massage. He seemed to be having a slight problem in the erection problem which lasted most of the 3 hours (guess it was more like 2 after all the intros and chatting) that we spent together. I felt sure my sure fire trick of rubbing their arsehole would work; and it did; until the condom came out, when he lost in completely.

By this point he was getting hot and sweaty and yuk so I suggested a shower, which we took together, ending up giving him oral under the shower; he insisted I still looked fit even though I’m sure I had mascara down my cheeks and hair everywhere. We then moved back to the bed and he finally managed to get a hard on; allowing us to have oh… about three minutes of sex, not even that, before he came. MEN!

We then waited until the other guys were ready (while I wandered around wearing his shirt and no pants… It just had to be done. Something I’ve seen in the movies and always wanted to do!!) After we all met downstairs for a drink, before the other Escort and I left. We left to promises of a repeat performance, and the guy I was with was very sweet saying he was glad the other escort cancelled otherwise he wouldn’t have got me, bless!

I swapped numbers with the other escort, so that will be great to have someone to chat to as a support, seeing as no-one knows I’m doing the escort work.

Tonight was AMAZING; so glamorous. I would never have imagined myself doing this sort of thing If I had thought about it a couple of months ago. I mean, who goes to a massive house, to accompany two georgeous young guys offering you free coke and free champage, and getting paid a hell of a lot of money for the hell of it ?!


Lots of Love and Kisses, hope you guys are all ok,

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Take Care. x

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