30 Day Challenge – Day twenty-one

Day 21: Something you’re proud of.

All through my life I have tried to do things, and never been very successful. I tried to be musical, I scraped through Piano Grade 3, before giving up. I tried having horses – admittedly that wasn’t about success, but I wasn’t succesful when I tried to compete and I never thought of myself as a particularly good horse rider.

So, when I got my dog as a pet, and then started to compete with him, I wasn’t optimistic. However, in the short time I have been competing with him (especially compared to a lot of people who have been doing it much longer) I believe we have achieved a lot. I am cautious to blow our own trumpet, because I don’t want to sound like I am bragging, but he has won a fair amount, in the UK and in Europe.

Here is a little picture of him and some prizes he won over a particularly successful two shows;

I have never been more proud of anything, and love my dog so, so much. He is the reason I have carried on when times have been bad.

Take Care. x


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