30 Day Challenge – Day twenty-three

Day 23: Favorite Movies and TV Show.

In England we have programmes called ‘Soaps’ – so I will start with those. I’m not sure what you call them in the US but they are on every night for 1/2 hour each. I’m totally addicted to the following;


Coronation Street


Then there are a few other problems I love to watch:

Waterloo Road – a drama which plays once a week, about a school.

One Born Every Minute – a documentary which plays once a week about a maternity unit; the most graphic and gruesome program about birth but totally addictive!

That’s pretty much it for TV programs but I love a lot of films too… I like most things as they let me escape for a while, but here are a few favourites:

The Hunger Games – loved the books before I saw the film. Amazing concept and a deeper message. Just love, love, love this.

The Island – Very good concept about people who have been ‘rescued’ from the end of the world but all is not as it seems…!

Whale Rider

The Harry Potter Series – needs no explanation!

The Twilight Saga – Also needs no explanation

The Men In Black Series – Just legendary.

I could go on forever… but those are just a few..

Take Care. x

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