An excerpt from ‘the life in the night’ – Part four *explicit*

[protected post] Too young for him?!

  • Mar. 12th, 2008 at 11:58 PM

I wasn’t expecting to be working tonight, so had stuffed myself full of spag bol when the agency rings at 7.15 – any chance of making an appointment in the Marriott for 9.30. Dammit – there goes the night off and the chance to work on some assignments – jumped in the shower; shaved; no time to straighten the hair so wore it curly. Put some more bloody cotton buds up my c*nt – seriously – the things a girls gotta do!

Bought a sat nav earlier today (yay sooo excited, put it onto the HOT australian mans voice) so got my first chance to try it out. Floored in on the motorway and made it in good time. Went up to the room and was greeted by the client; wearing a towelling robe; very clean and tidy; and very handsome!

We sat chatting for a while and it soon became evident that he was very gentlemanly, working in the film industry (or so he said), and very tanned as he’d just come back from overseas (Alright for some!). The agency had pre-warned me that if he asked, I was to say I was 24, and when he asked I said this. He asked why It said I was 21 on the site and I had to make up some cock and bull story of some men liking their girls young – whilst busy trying to work out my new date of birth to cover my own ass if he asked me. He said that he was glad I was 24, 21 was just too young for him, it wouldn;’t feel right (shame I wasn’t even as old as 21 at this point).

I gave him a long massage; he was naked but I remained fully dressed, which was weird. It was strange – I had become nervous about kissing him after talking to him so much. I bit the bullet and did – he was a good kisser. He then gave me a massage (wow) and went down on me. He certainly liked to treat me like a lady. It was then his turn and I gave him oral until he was hard enough to fuck me.

The sex was great – he even asked if he could before hand (so sweet!) slow and sensual, hard and fast – it was great. Of course, as soon as we did doggy he came – the usual thing, lol. I then brought him a drink from the minibar and gave him another massage, then we chatted some more and kissed some more. He then offered to walk me to my car as he didn’t want me walking back to the carpark alone. On the way, going past other people, he tenderly placed his hand around my waist – I think partly protective and partly possesive – but he was such a gentleman – Seriously, so kind and lovely. When I got to my car we kissed goodbye then he blew me kisses until I was out of sight.

He said he was back in town next week so would love to see me again, which is great. I really enjoyed myself tonight, so nice to be with such a gentleman. It was so easy and I felt so special. I shit you not, although his job has its bad points, this night was a really good one.

On another note, I was chatting to my ex – it’s complicated, don’t ask – who was giving me a massive bollocking about the job that I do. It’s like, he says it’s far too dangerous and I should have more self respect. But it’s getting me out of a hole – paying the bills, and frankly, I’m loving it.

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