Monthly Archives: June 2012

I hate my BPD

I hate my BPD. It makes life so difficult and such an integral part of me and my personality I don’t believe it can be fixed, or rectified. BPD IS ME AND I AM BPD. I used to say that if you took away my BPD there would be nothing left, an empty shell – […]

My clever little dog

Enjoy this video I made with my dog, Hogan. I think I had a little too much time on my hands, but I think it came out really good. He’s a little dude ❤

A beautiful song, beautifully done

Dealing with stress

In my quest to understand my BPD, I have come across another trigger; Stress. This week, and last week, my mum has been on holiday, leaving me to look after the business. This isn’t such a bad thing – we have been rowing a lot lately so it is nice to have some peace and […]

An excerpt from ‘the life in the night’ – Part Six *explicit*

 Viagra Mar. 19th, 2008 at 6:47 PM Well, after having a quiet few days (probably a good thing as needed to get some  assignments in) I had what was supposed to be a 3 hour job today, although I think there may have been a mix up so it was a 2 hour instead, good […]

Crack a smile

I’ve seen these flying around facebook and they always make me smile. I hope they spread some joy today.  

Time to put a face to the name

So, I think the time has come to reveal more about myself, including a picture. I guess I feel that I don’t really care if ‘someone I know’ comes across this blog. I shouldn’t have anything to hide. Plus, I think maybe it will people feel more open and closer to me by showing them […]