30 Day Challenge – Day twenty five

Day 25: Something you are looking forward to.

I am going on holiday with Simon in October, as friends, to Iceland. I am SO excited. I get to tick off lots of things on my bucket list. I’m not sure in what order we are going to be doing these things, but this is what we plan to do;

  • Go on a ‘northern lights’ expedition away from the city, to find the Northern Lights

  • Go on an ice tour, on a sled pulled by huskies

  • Go to the Blue Lagoon

  • Go white water rafting

  • Go on the ‘golden circle’ tour (to see famous waterfalls and geysirs)

  • Ride Iceland horses through the lava fields

Take Care. xx



  1. carolinebakker · · Reply

    Sweet photos, well done 🙂 All the best, warm regards Caroline

  2. […] lunchtime I went to find Simon. I have mentioned him a few times before (Go here or here). I was sat in his car, chatting away, pretty comfortable with things, and discussing our […]

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