An excerpt from ‘the life in the night’ – Part Five *explicit*

[protected post] The loving father

  • Mar. 15th, 2008 at 9:12 AM

My client last night was a 2 hour job 10 minutes from my house. Despite this, I got lost, and when the agency gave me his number to get directions I panicked about ringing him before the booking – silly really! I was contemplating not going really as I was still on my period and for some stupid reason it had become heavier – resulted in me putting more cotton inside and hoping like hell he had a small cock!

Got there just on time and the first thing I noticed was the childrens trampoline in the garden. Opening the door, he seemed a nice sort, if nervous. It soon became clear that it was his first time with an escort so I did my best to put him at ease. We sorted out the money in kitchen where I looked guiltily around at the childrens posters and high chair, but I guess it’s not really my place to BE guilty. It wasn’t my family I was cheating on, I wasn’t the one with wife and kids.  We progressed upstairs, with him saying he wasn’t sure what the expect so would it be ok for us to have a bath together, which I thought was a really nice touch. I wondered whether he really was the nervous, retiring, gentle man he seemed, or whether he was a regular ‘user’ and he liked to put this way across to all the girls. The agency would never give out this information and by now I had already learned to take everything I was told my clients with a pinch of salt.

When I walked into the bathroom, it was so romantic, little candles everywhere, dimmed lights, scents and romantic music playing. Shame the bath was so hot it made my hair (which I had spent several hours straightening) explode but hey, I guess you can’t have it all! I wondered whether I should pretend to myself that this was my own little family, that this was my husband being romantic.

Before getting into the bath, we got undressed, and I used one of the tricks of the trade – the whole, can you undo this for me, I’m struggling with it? This seemed to work, it seems to give blokes a sense of ME – MAN YOU – WOMAN if you get what I mean! We stayed in the bath for about 45 minutes chatting, and it turned out my first impressions of a cheating family man were way off the mark, and I felt bad for judging him. I should have learnt by now never to judge people on first impressions. He was seperated, with a bitch of an ex wife who limited his access to his treasured kids. And the worst bit – he admitted to me he was suffering with Leukemia and didn’t know how long he had left. He broke down, and I struggled to keep my composure. I was used to men lying to me, making up stories of their rich and famous lifestyles – and who cared – they had paid for the priveledge. But – this was different, he was opening his soul to me and telling me his innermost fears – that he would die and his children wouldn’t remember him – that his ex-wife had already poisoned them against him and they would be glad when he was gone. It was very evident the way he thought about then, the look in his eyes when he was describing them and talking about them.

I slowly massaged him in the bath and worked towards kissing as he said he wanted to take it really slowly. We moved to the bedroom and cuddled for a while before I persuaded him that he wouldn’t mind some oral! And oh my god – hard – he was fucking massive. Like, there goes my hope of a small cock!

I have him oral for a while which he seemed to enjoy (lol) before he asked and performed some reverse oral. I got the impression that he hadn’t done it before as he asked for some instructions! By the time sex came there was 10 minutes left so he asked if I was working the rest of the night; and if not whether he could have another hour, which I agreed to. The sex was… ok, not too painful but the occasional thrust was. I convinced him doggy was a good idea quickly as this makes most men come in a flash, and it works. Funny how their always apologetic afterwards, or pretend to be in complete shock! “Oh, that’s never happened before..”!

He then said he didn’t think the name I was using was my real name, and asked what it was. Now I faced a dilemma, so I gave him my real name, despite the fact that I only lived 10 minutes down the road. This man had got under my skin and I couldn’t just help myself. Can’t really let clients get to know the real me; it’s not like that is it?

After him coming inside me (protected of course) we cuddled and chatted for another half hour before he made the massive hint of placing my hand on his cock, which I presently began to stroke. This led to more oral and once again sex, with me on top. I then finished him off with a blow/hand job and he cuddled for a bit more until my time was up.

We said our goodbyes, and he thanked me sincerely, because all he really needed was a bit of company. Driving home I cried my eyes out. I didn’t realise how much his story had affected me. This poor man only wanted a little bit of affection before he was gone. I hope that I wasn’t that last moment of closeness and affection he had been given before his death. To die knowing you had to pay for that would be a terribly sad fate.
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