So proud of myself


Just a little proud post. Today I got my final results through for the diploma I have been studying for. It included 8 full days training, 18 1000 word assignments, a 6ooo word assignment and a 3 hour exam. I already have a degree but it is not related to my job so this one is industry specific.

Half way though the course, I became seriously ill with my mental health and had to stop. About 6 months ago I decided to pick the course back up (was allowed to defer and given an extension due to my circumstances). I never thought I would be able to finish all the assignments and revise for the exam by the deadline, but even managing to get them all done and turn up to the exam on the right day was an achievement for me.

I really did work hard and am proud to say I achieved 90% with distinction, one of the top marks! I am just SO proud of myself, especially as I really struggled to motivate myself, particularly in the last few weeks before the exam when the stress was getting to me and I began to struggle with my mental health again.

Take Care. x



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