One lovely blog award

Another award, thank you very much 😀

Step one is to thank the blogger that nominated you – Thank you The Quiet Borderline

Step two is to list the last 7 things you bought:

1. Some dog treats
2. Disney PJ’s – I admit it, I’m a 5 year old at heart.
3. A 2 man popup tent (I used it this weekend, it was awesome, if a little cold!)
4. Salt & vinegar snack-a-jacks (yum)
5. A bacon roll (say no more)
6. Petrol! Ugh!
7. Some apple juice

Step three is to nominate bloggers the award.

My hats go off to you, in no particular order –

– Mandi at Mandi A. Stores

-Lexi at Thee Truth Is


One comment

  1. Sorry! I am SO behind. Its 8am here and I never went to sleep. But did catch up on reading blogs! Thank you for the lovely award! Has to be a UK award cus’ we never say lovely. Thanks for giving me props! Do you guys say that? I’ve been listening to Lilly Allen and Ellie Goulding to try and pick up the accent but so far I just say “luv” a lot more. Which at times is really inappropriate or awkward here. Probably not ever there! Im no sleep babbling. Thank you!

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