You are not who people make you

Reading a post on here where someone described themselves as a ‘whore’ made me start thinking. For so many years I thought of myself in the same way – and by thinking that I was a whore, made me turn into one. I would allow men to use me, use my body because I believed I wasn’t worth any better.

But newsflash lexi, I was, and YOU ARE. What is the single way to stop being treated like this? To start feeling like you are a real person, and actually worth something? To wake up and think, this is who I am, I am worth something.

Is it not who you want to be? Change it.Yes, we can’t take away the psysical scars that cover our arms and legs, but they show what we got through to get here. Who cares if we get stared at? I am a stronger person than them. Who cares if we get talked about? They obviously have nothing better to talk about.

So, to anyone who might be reading this, the next time someone tries to make you feel worthless, or degrade you, stop for a minute and think. I am better than this! Do I want to do this?! Is this for me, or am I trying to please someone else, at my own emotional expense?



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    Even if I hadn’t been included in this post, I know the meaning behind it would have hit me. This is lovely and powerful. ❤

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    Congratulations! I have awarded you with the One Lovely Blog Award. You can collect it here:

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