An excerpt from ‘the life in the night’ – Part Six *explicit*

[protected post] Viagra

  • Mar. 19th, 2008 at 6:47 PM
Well, after having a quiet few days (probably a good thing as needed to get some  assignments in) I had what was supposed to be a 3 hour job today, although I think there may have been a mix up so it was a 2 hour instead, good as it was not far from my house. Was a bit of a pain because I’m having some trouble with my period at the moment, I’m still on, but light, so I said I would work it. They advised me to wear a tampon on to the way to the job, then just before intercourse go to the toilet and insert some cotton balls into myself. It was only about 30 minutes from the house, I like the ones that are closer.
I was given the heads up before I got there by the agency that a) I would get in his good books if I got him talking about his work and b) to take extra large condoms as he had a very big cock (in her words; it’s prescence made her feel nervous, lol). Also, to drink red bull. I had no idea what the meant – but I was soon to find out! I couldn’t bring myself to insert the cotton ‘mid-flow’ so I did it in the hotel lobby toilets before I went in. This was no easy task – bearing in mind I usually do it on my back, lying on my bed with my legs in the air!
When I arrived, I quickly got him talking about his work as I was told to, which was actually quite interesting, before we moved on to some undressing (I got him to undress me – don’t think he’d ever been offered that before but I’m sure he quite liked it), some french kissing and the trademark massage. After a while he went down on me (uncomfortable moment), before I returned the favour, and we did 69. The agency wasn’t wrong – his cock was ginormous. No other way to describe it, I almost dislocated my jaw just trying to fit it in my mouth! Unfortunately whilst fingering me he must have felt the tip of the cotton as he asked about it – I passed it off as a contraceptive device – “just in case”.
We soon moved on to sex, where I asked him to be gentle to start with, and after an initial amount of pain, I was fine. I think he must have had the biggest cock I have slept with, it wasn’t just long, it was wide too. When I put my hand on it, my fingers didn’t touch all the way round. The lady at the agency was right, it was a monster.  He seemed to like doing lots of different positions, and after about 10 minutes he came during doggy. Upon withdrawing there was some blood on the condom; he seemed upset as he thought he’d hurt me; I passed it off as the fact that I’d never been with anyone as big before, which he accepted. I then gave him another massage, before we had sex again. He said this time he wanted to use a featherlite condom – which I said was fine but secretely wished he wouldn’t as it would make his erection last longer.
It was at this point that he also slipped in he’d taken a “special pill” – similar to viagra but beginning with C? Fucking great lol. No wonder the agency told me to drink some red bull before I came, lol. I saw a vibrating cock ring on the side which he’d brought along, so asked if he wanted to put it on, which he did. I also noticed a roll of cling film which I asked him about – I swear I thought I was going to laugh right there and then – he said it was incase I didn’t want to do oral uncovered – it feels better than a condom. You learn something new every day! We then had sex for another half hour, during which I was becoming a little sore but intrigued about all the different positions he wanted to try – missionary, legs over shoulders, me on top, cowgirl, lying down cowgirl, spooning, doggie, doggie him off the bed, both off the bed, upside down missionary… the list was endless!
It soon came to finish time and he still hadn’t come so I let him have an extra 10 minutes. He still didn’t come but then said it wasn’t often that he came twice, so I didn’t feel so bad then. When I can’t make them come I feel like I have failed, like I haven’t done my job. I don’t know whether his assurances were real or whether they were just to save my feelings but they did help a little. He was actually a really good kisser (despite the beard lol), very gentlemanly and kept on calling me a beauty, lol. He said he would definately want to see me again,and might even bring me a present next time. That said, most men say they want to see me again, but never do. I think it’s something they feel they have to say before I leave, to make them seem like a nice bloke. If only they would realised I don’t actually care, I know they have paid for me and they probably want to sample something different next time!
All in all, job well done. Bit sore now (lol) but will cheer myself up by having my hair done and getting a spray tan ready for my photoshoot in london on friday for some photos for the agency website. The ones on there at the moment are personal modelling ones.
When I got home I went on to google. The lady at the agency had told me to look up escort reviews and watch out for myself. Apparently there are hundreds of websites where punters can review escorts, both working on the streets and for agencies. I searched everywhere but no-one has reviewed me yet (not sure if that is good or bad).
Love and kisses
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