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My wordpress family

I’ve done this before on a couple of forums I used to go on, and I think it’s pretty cute. I know I haven’t been on here long, but I’ve got to know a few people, some a lot closer than others. So, without any further ado, I would like to present to you, my […]

Starting a new relationship with self harm scars

I know this is an awkward subject, and there is no precedent, but I want to discuss it and get all you guys feelings’ on it. Last night, I went on a date, with a man I met on an internet dating site, Plenty of Fish. In my profile, I obviously make no mention of […]

Invalidating comments

After yesterdays conversations, and racking my brains as to invalidating experiences in my childhood, which may have contributed to my emotional issues now, but as usual, I had a mental block and couldn’t think of anything (sometimes I wonder if that’s my brains way of protecting myself). Anyway, I didn’t have to wait for long. […]

Making headway *triggering*

So, last night, I felt pretty awkward during my parents BBQ, so stayed in my room most of the time. I was still being overwhelmed by the urge to cut myself, and started chatting to one of my friends, Wendy, on facebook. She told me if it was that bad, I was welcome to stay […]

Skills Training Manual for Treating BPD – Chapter two discussion

This chapter discusses the logistics on the DBT treatment and the positive and negatives of doing the treatment in different ways. First off, it explains that DBT is split into two sections – one is individual therapy and the other is skills training. These two things can’t be done together because it is too hard […]

God dammit BPD!

I need to cut. Nothing particularly traumatic has happened today, I don’t feel particularly upset over the house any longer (dissapointed yes but not upset or unstable), so the other things I can think of which may have triggered me include a) My parents holding a BBQ tonight with all their friends and the stress of […]

It’s been a long 24 hours.

So, let me start at the beginning. Yesterday morning, the phone rings, and it’s the estate agent; the vendor has pulled out. Apparently she’s been having some boyfriend trouble so has decided to stay where she is and not sell up. Initially, I don’t think the news sank in. Of course, I knew nothing was […]

Skills Training Manual for Treating BPD – Chapter one discussion

di·a·lec·ti·cal/ˌdīəˈlektikəl/ Adjective: Relating to the logical discussion of ideas and opinions. Concerned with or acting through opposing forces. So, I am going to start my journey with DBT from the very beginning. I want to understand it all, I want to understand the very basics so that is where I am going to start. I […]


Oh Rhonda, for some reason, I missed these nominations! Thank you, my lovely lovely friend. What a lovely woman, please go and check her out. She has a space in her heart for everyone. Rules: Thank and link giver…7 things about you…15 nominations with links and go tell them the good news! 1) I am […]

Wasting life

I feel a bit deflated now. I recieved in the post this morning the most recent copy of ‘days eye’ – the quarterly magazine I recieve from my old school, from which I was a pupil from age 11 – 18. It is filled with achievements from current pupils, and news of teachers, and ‘old […]