Just what the doctor ordered…

I swear to god, I must have watched this video clip over 50 times, and every time I watch it, it still creases me up. This is a clip from a UK show called ‘Mrs Browns Boys’.

Just watch, and enjoy.



  1. Ok, so I’m in bed, it’s 12:35am and I decide to watch this. I had headphones on but was bout’ to pee the bed laughing and it woke up my husband. So then he had to watch it with me, plus a few more clips. 🙂 The little condom robber was the best. I need to start watching more shows like that. Thank for sharing! I was feeling pretty crappy but I’m not feeling so bad now. Do you know that when you’re laughing you don’t feel pain? Pretty much awesome.

    1. Haha, I do the same! xx

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