Stop – I want to get off.

Tonight I feel on the verge of mania. I am full of energy, I have the LMFAO on and I have it loud (the benefit of my Dad loving his gadgets being having some serious audio equipment in this house!). I’m about to go late night shopping but am wary of how I am with regards to feeling too confident and spending excessively so will be leaving my cards at home and taking cash. I wish I could regulate my emotions and stop them being such a rollercoaster. Yesterday I was desperately suicidal, this evening I’m leaping about the room, dancing to loud music. I can feel it building as I’m sat here, I need to make sure I start taking diazepam to block this from going any further. This isn’t normal, I know. I know BPD is about extremes. But how on earth do I regulate them. Where do I start?!


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