I survived! (Slightly too much info in this post!!)

So if you are squeamish stop right now 😀

The ongoing saga with the mirena coil has finally been resolved. Brief history, I went to the nurse to have it taken out and she couldn’t find the strings. I then went to a doctor, who also couldn’t find them and referred me for an unltrasound. This located the coil within my womb (thankfully). Today I had an appointment with another doctor and his ‘implement’ to remove it from the womb, and I was beyond terrified. When I got there, I was asked to take my bottom half off, and get myself on the table.

Once I was on the table, and in the knee stirrup things, feeling incredibly exposed (and feeling grateful to myself for having an impromptu “hair cut” this morning!!!) the nurse was so lovely, telling me it wasn’t going to be as bad as I thought, and holding my hand. The doctor came in and sat himself down right between my legs (had to keep telling myself his does this all day every day otherwise I would have probably died with shame).

Anyway, to cut a long story short, he managed to remove the coil, but said I had an inverted uterus (I think that means when it sits back rather than forwards) but it doesn’t normally cause a problem and lots of women have it. When it was out, the doctor was really suprised that the strings had been cut so short, he told me it was probably the reason why I was having problems and that they couldn’t find it. Anyway, I’m soooo glad it’s over, I am never EVER having a mirena coil again!!!!!!!!

I was really suprised at actually how big it is!




  1. Holy fuck. Reading this made me terrified. I’m never getting one of those!

    Also, you crack me up. ^_^ x

  2. I had one put in not long ago, hurt like hell and have already said that I won’t have another after this. Sorry you had to go and get it taken out in such a stressful way! I’m really glad you had a nice nurse with you it makes all the difference in these situations. Thanks for the photo too I didn’t realise that’s what it looked like or how big it was either!

  3. I’m going thru the same problem wondering if you can recommend the doctor that remove your mirena iud

    1. Hi There, My GP removed it (I am based in the UK). Sorry to not be much help!

  4. You were lucky, this happened to my Aunty and it nearly killed her. That was 35 years ago and they never found it!

    1. Jeez! Did it fall out~?

  5. Still in there somewhere. She lost her womb and got blood poisoning. I’ll never get one Id rather have my tubes tied.

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