Oh Rhonda, for some reason, I missed these nominations! Thank you, my lovely lovely friend. What a lovely woman, please go and check her out. She has a space in her heart for everyone.

Rules: Thank and link giver…7 things about you…15 nominations with links and go tell them the good news!

1) I am a sagittarius

2) I have a weird crush on Simon Cowell (Oh the shame)

3) I drive a Skoda (and love it)

4) I have size 7 feet (and hate people touching them)

5) I have a scar on my right palm shaped like the letter T (and always have thought the man of my dreams will have a name beginning with that letter!!)

6) My birthday is the 12/12

7) I don’t use shampoo!

15 nominations will be a little hard, as everyone has so many awards, so this is an OPEN NOMINATION for anyone who wants one (or all) of these awards, you all deserve them so take, take, take!


  1. Oh well done! I love the idea of an open claim to any reward but can you see anyone with BPD actually taking one that’s not expressly given to them? lol I hope people do though, I hope they have the confidence to believe in themselves and what they write! xx

    1. That’s very true actually… x

  2. Well deserved on all counts

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