Borderline tracklist

Listening to ‘Pink ~ Please don’t leave me’ earlier and I decided I would try to name as many songs as I could be put on a track listing of a soundtrack to a life with BPD.

So far I have;

Pink – Please don’t leave me

R Kelly – World’s Greatest (I actually wanted this song played at my funeral when I was making ‘plans’)

Pink – Don’t let me get me

Johnny Cash – Hurt

Rihanna – Disturbia

Madonna – Borderline

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – Me & Mia (More ED based but I ❤ it)

The Manic Street Preachers – 4st 7lbs

REM – Everybody Hurts

Sia – Breathe Me

Gnarls Barklay – Crazy

Meredith Brooks – I’m a bitch

Plumb – Cut

Kelly Clarkson – Addicted

Greenday – Basket Case

The Who – Behind Blue Eyes –

Bowling for soup – Bipolar

Gary Jules – Mad World

Nickelback – How you remind me

Contributed by Meagan-to-Mara:

Pink – Numb

Pink – Leave me Alone

Pink – Nobody Knows

Pink – Fuckin’ Perfect

Pink – Conversations with my 13-year old self

Pink – Is it Love

Pink – Eventually

Pink – One foot wrong

Pink – Family Portrait

Pink – Lonely Girl

Pink – Try Too Hard

Pink – Unwind

Pink – Long Way to Happy

Pink -I don’t believe you

Contributed by Scienerf:

Metallica – Nothin’ else matters

Pixies – Where is my mind

Beth Orton – Wish I never saw the sunshine

Radiohead – Creep

Counting Crows – Colourblind

Shakespeare sisters – Stay

Puddle of mud – Blurry

Journey – Don’t stop believing’

Bon Jovi – Someday I’ll be Saturday night

Contributed by lizabethf:

Jason Mraz – A beautiful mess

Train – Meet Virginia

Contributed by mm172001:

Cake – Never There

Papa Roach – Scars

Papa Roach – Last Resort

Contributed by onelove312:

Nickelback – Lullaby

Kelly Clarkson – Dark Side

I’d love to hear any that you guys can think of!



  1. There are a TON of Pink songs that fit the bill for sounding BPD-ish. Also “Numb”, “Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)”, “Nobody Knows”, “Fuckin’ Perfect”, “Conversations with my 13-year Old Self”, “Is it Love”, “Eventually”, “One Foot Wrong”, “Family Portrait”, “Lonely Girl”, “Try Too Hard”, “Unwind”, “Long Way to Happy”, “I Don’t Believe You”. LOL – Can you tell I LOVE Pink?

  2. Metallica ‘Nothin else matters’, Pixies- ‘Where is my mind’, Beth Orton- ‘Wish I never saw the sunshine’, Radiohead- ‘Creep’, Counting Crows- ‘Colourblind’, Shakespear sisters- ‘Stay’, Puddle of mud- ‘Blurry’, Journey- ‘Don’t stop believing’ oh and Bon Jovi-‘Someday I’ll be Saturday night’ could pretty much be a perfect description of BPD! I’ve pretty much just put one of my playlists down from a down day to bump myself back up lol.

  3. lizabethf · · Reply

    You’ve included some of my favorite songs in your list! For me, the first songs that come to mind are “A Beautiful Mess” by Jason Mraz, and “Meet Virginia” by Train.

  4. theborderlinebitch · · Reply

    Pink – Don’t let me get me— wow! love this song and relate to it 100%

  5. Nickelback – Lullaby
    Kelly Clarkson – Dark Side

  6. Cake “Never there” Papa Roach “scars” and “last resort”

  7. Love all the Pink! She is my favorite artist. Also love the playlist- thanks for sharing 🙂

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