Feeling pretty good

I thought I would post while I’m ‘up’ because I always post when I’m down too, and that isn’t a fair representation to those of you reading and following. After my really bad patch last week, I went on a serious high for about a day, and then I seem to have plateau’d (is that even how you spell it?) on a level now.

I do have a few issues going on at the moment, I still feel absolutely terrible about re-homing my little dog, every time I look at her I want to cry; I know I’m doing the right thing by her but it’s going to break my heart to let her go. Also, the situation with Simon is knawing away at me. I have tried to phone him several times to discuss what happened (the way I found out about his new relationship) as I do feel he should have respected me enough to tell me the truth, and not let me find out like I did. He hasn’t picked up, and despite promising to call me in a message, he still hasn’t. I could walk away, that would be the easiest thing, but we still have a holiday to Iceland booked in October, which is all paid for. Yes – I could go on my own, but I’m not sure I am ready, mentally, to do that. We could still go as friends but we need to talk out the shit that has happened over the past week.

One thing that is making me feel good at the moment is the fact that I have been invited to a BBQ on Saturday. This might sound like a simple thing to some people, but not for me. Being invited to things makes me feel wanted and included. It makes me feel like people actually want to spend time with me. Also, I have been working on a little ‘project’. I can’t digress any further but will in a few days!


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