20 Day Challenge Master List – Day One (20 Dreams you have)

Day one – 20 Dreams you have

1) Live a life without self harm or other destructive behaviours

2) Make my dog a champion

3) Find my soul mate

4) Become a mother

5) Be happy with myself and my body

6) Visit St. Lucia (I have always, always wanted to go there)

7) Become at peace with my past

8) Make a difference

9) Be a foster parent

10) Become a qualified Councillor

11) Be an extra in Eastenders

12) Live in a beautiful home

13) See the northern lights

14) Save another life

I’m running of out ideas right now…. can you tell?!

15) Run a marathon for charity (Ok possibly walk)

16) Be the most important thing in someones life

17) Experience pure joy

18) Go on a cruise

19) Sing karaoke (I would never be brave enough to do this so maybe the dream is to not care about what people think enough to get up there and do it)

20) Be accepted as me.


  1. I wasn’t sure whether I could come up with 20 dreams I have! and strange mind that I have I thought it meant dreams as in when you’re sleeping not things I dream about being able to do lol. I love your list though 🙂

  2. Thanks. It was actually really hard and I didn’t want it to become a list of material things… x

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