An excerpt from ‘the life in the night’ – Part Eight *explicit*

[protected post] A new first

  • Apr. 2nd, 2008 at 11:38 PM

Well my client tonight, a 1 hour job 15 minutes from my house, was a new first for me. My first Asian! I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to do it, don’t get me wrong, I am not racist, but I just don’t find people of that ethnicity attractive. I decided in the end that this job is a job, it’s not about finding people attractive.

The first obstacle I had to cross was getting into the damn place; it was a premier lodge – you know the ones with the swipers on the external doors so you can’t actually get in unless you have a card?! I wandered around the outside of the building, hoping that someone would come along with their own card, and luckily a gentleman who followed me in to the car park was also going in to the hotel so he went in front and let me in – he blatently knew what was going on but I really don’t think that half these people care; similarly the woman sat reading a magazine at the front desk didn’t even look up at me as I walked past.

I knocked on the door – no answer. Now this has happened before (I probably didn’t mention it) and it happened because the agency gave me the wrong room number. Just as I was digging out my phone to ring them they rang telling me he was outside waiting for me. I said I was outside his room so they said they would get him to come back up.

He arrived, and was very apologetic about the mix up, and I assured him it was fine, it was my fault anyway. We went in, and he paid me straight away (brand new fifties!) and immediately we got “going” (so to speak!). He was around 35, tall, and dressed in a smart suit, with a briefcase and small suitcase on the side. He had a gold ring on his wedding finger.

He seemed rushed, and wasn’t too  bothered about foreplay. In fact, he didn’t even seem interested in me, he just wanted a quick shag. During the sex, his phone rang. He excused himself, pulled out of me and took his phone in to the bathroom to answer it. I couldn’t hear any of the conversation. and when he came back in, he apologised and we got going again. Then his phone rang again, this time he looked worried and asked if my phone was switched off so it wouldn’t ring, to which I assured him I had switched it off. He shut the bathroom door so he couldn’t hear the fan and then answered it speaking a different language. I could hear a womans voice on the end of the line so I’m making the assumption that it was his wife/girlfriend.

As soon as he returned, bearing in mind this was only an hour booking, we then got back down to kissing. The first thing I noticed was his breath. It wasn’t bad as such – just strong. It took me a couple of minutes to work out what it was – pickled onions – I swear I will never look at those pickled onion monster munch crisps in the same way again!!!

He slowly undressed me (Yes, he had wanted to have sex fully clothed the first time round), and then I undressed him. He called me a very sexy lady, which gave me more confidence in the job I had to do, even know I knew he must say that to all the escorts he uses. I started to give him oral, and I noticed that he was waxed. It felt slightly different to shaved, and I’m not sure whether I liked it. I gave him some more oral but soon after he pulled me over to the bed and made it clear that he wanted me to suck/lick his nipples, which I did. He seemed to prefer that by far, he must have just had really sensitive nipples as he really seemed to enjoy it by the noises he was making.

He declined a massage and asked me to carry on sucking his nipples with intermittent french kissing. Then he did a very strange thing – he sucked my tongue really hard. In fact so hard that I could taste blood in my mouth. It didn’t hurt, just felt very odd. He clearly was getting very excited, with lots of grunting.

What happened next is one of those moments when you know that you REALLY can’t laugh, but you have this crazy urge to, but just have to do anything in your power to stop yourself, as it would be worst thing ever. He was on top of me, getting very excited dry humping, when he suddenly said “I make crazy love to you” in his strong Asian accent. I had to think sad thoughts. REALLY sad thoughts, just to keep my face straight.

He asked me if he wanted him to go down on me which I agreed to, and give him his due, he was good, although he got quite rough in the end which started to be uncomfortable, and so I suggested that it was his turn, however within a couple of seconds of oral he brought he back up to his nipples.

Soon he had got really excited so gently scooped me up, turned me round and fucked me from behind. It was sore as I was dry and at that point realised I had forgotten to bring lube, so I just bit my tongue, and to be fair it was over in a couple of minutes when came, snorting and grunting.

There was 15 minutes left of the appointment so I offered him a massage to relax him but he declined as he wasn’t staying there for the night, so I got dressed and left with the promise of him booking me again. Men make these promises but I never believe them. I so feel bad that this man must have some more unsuspecting wife at home somewhere, possibly children, but at the end of the day, I am doing a job, and providing a service. I musn’t think of the damage I may be causing; if he wasn’t paying for me he would be paying for someone else anyway.

Take care.


  1. Jaen Wirefly · · Reply

    This is a well-written piece and would make a good book. “True Confessions of a Call-Girl.” You could discuss BPD and how it played a big role into this career choice. It would be different from other books because you do add a lot of humor the part when he said “I make crazy love to you” is a riot. It’s also a bit sad which works for the piece. Write the book and if you can’t get anyone to publish it, self-publish it on Kindle and charge $2.99. I bet you’ll make some money.

    1. Thank you. Maybe one day when I have the balls I will publish something. X

      1. Jaen Wirefly · ·

        I think writing a book will be wayyyy less terrifying than prostitution.


      2. Yes but prostitution was risky and fulfilling my BPD needs… Writing a book is healthy, and healthy is unknown to me (as yet) x

      3. Jaen Wirefly · ·

        I understand.

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