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So, this time round, it all seems to be going well on the house front, but please keep your fingers crossed for me all the same!  I have a mortgage approved in principle, have received the application forms and sent back with all the relevant information, and I have instructed a solicitor to do the conveyancing for me, and have paid their fees.

The next step is to wait up to 7 days for HSBC (the mortgage people) to come back with an ‘official’ mortgage offer, and then to arrange the house surveys to be done. Every time the phone rings I am terrified it is the agent saying that it has fallen through but I must try to stay positive. I am so, so looking forward to having my own house, and because it needs work I will be able to put my own ‘touch’ on it. Funds are going to be very limited so to begin with I will need to do the urgent things (such as new windows as they need replacing) and electrical works – updating such as a new kitchen and bathroom can be done at a later date.

Here are a few pictures for you. Although I plan to update it, I very much hope I will be able to keep the ‘country cottage’ feel of it. I have only been there twice, and both times it already felt like home.

Front view, the white framed front door opens to a little porch area, leading to a thick wooden ‘farmhouse’ front door;

Conservatory (love, love, love this so much). It looks out into the garden which is currently pretty much like a jungle, but is full of little winding paths, flowers, herbs, and shrubs;

Bedroom – It reaches the entire top floor of the house, with an en-suite (quite unusual for a cottage). I plan to paint a neutral colour (cream? magnolia? off white?), leave the exposed beams and replace the carpet a neutral colour. New windows (which will be double glazed but ‘cottage style’) will also be put in;

Part of the garden;

I just love it so much. It’s so quaint and so beautiful. It was right at the top of my budget so some of the cosmetic work will have to wait until funds allow, which isn’t a problem for me at all.

Feeling very positive about it all. ❤


  1. Jaen Wirefly · · Reply

    What a beautiful house!

  2. OH this is lovely! Keeping fingers crossed that this goes well for you. x

  3. mylifewithbpd · · Reply

    Thats a lovely house, fingers crossed for you. I really like the design and the garden.

    I always wanted to buy a house, but my income is too low and house prices too high, but its the life in North America these days…lol

  4. Oh it’s wonderful I really hope you get it! I wish I could have afforded something like that when I was looking, had to settle for a mid terrace ex council house that was a complete shell (repossession). But it does have a nice size garden for Toby and I could do whatever I wanted to with it 🙂 Fingers are crossed for you! xx

    1. I was so lucky. It was on at £35k over my budget, and the sale fell through, so I went in with a silly offer and it was accepted! xx

      1. Wow that’s brilliant! I’m keeping everything crossed that it all goes smoothly 🙂 Try not to stress over it too much, it’s no fun doing the waiting game for your contracts and key hand over but try to keep the positivity up 🙂 Oh I’m so happy for you hun! xx

      2. Thank you. I might be able to breathe again in (about) 8 weeks!! xx

  5. its gorgeous am sure that sitting in that conservatory will get your creative juices flowing

  6. multiplemindsofmine · · Reply

    A gorgeous house! Keeping my fingers crossed for you (I’d love a conservatory like that!!) xx

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