20 Day Challenge Master List – Day Five (Things you do when you are alone)

Day Five – Things you do when you are alone

1. Go on the internet (Facebook/YouTube)

2. Blog

3. Pluck my eyebrows (I am totally obsessed with plucking my eyebrows. I don’t even use a mirror any more, just sit there whilst watching TV doing it for hours, and if I don’t have tweezers to hand I do it with my fingers without even realising I’m doing it)

4. Watch TV.

5. Clean

6. Think too much.

7. Burn incense

8. Download music

9. Update my iPhone/iPad

10. Sleep

This is a pretty boring list right…

11. Wank (just got to put that one out there!!!)

12. Check my bank

13. Play on google images

14. Make videos

15. Practice my photography

16. Listen to music (have I said that one already?)

17. Eat!

18. Clean out the car

19. Walk the dogs

20. Make plans 🙂



  1. I do the same thing with my eyebrows 🙂

    1. It’s a total obsession. I think lots of BPD people do it. Weird!

  2. Which incense do you burn? Do you find different ones have different effects on how you feel?

    1. Not really – I just like the smell of it – Lavender is nice, and a couple of others – I’m not sure what they are as I buy them from the local garden centre so I just know the colours! x

      1. I only ask as I have different ones for different things including one for when I am writing lol right now I have tea rose burning as I am reading but for writing i have one I buy especially from a pagan shop called Ancient times the incense that is not the shop 😀

  3. I want to do more of #10!

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