20 Day Challenge Master List – Day Six (Things you like to do)

Day Six – Things you like to do

1. Train my dog

2. Sleep

3. Stalk people on facebook (!)

4. Blog

5. Eat

6. Take photos (normally crazy dressing up ones of my dog, like this most recent one….)

7. Make videos

8. Talk to or spend time with my amazing friends

9. Go to doggy competitions

10. Drive my car (normally with windows down, music on, on the motorway in the sunshine)

11. Listen to music

12. Explore and travel to new places

13. Sing (I really can’t sing, so I do it when no-ones listening ;))

14. Go to the cinema

15. Smile

16. Make people feel happy

17. Buy presents for people (I love sending little gifts or cards to my friends, they only cost a few pounds each but I like to think it makes them feel special)

18. Have straight hair (not very often as it takes hours)

19. Go to the hairdressers

20. Have a pedicure (I have a real foot phobia and this lady is the one person I can tolerate touching my bare feet)

One comment

  1. haha as always I love the photo! I’m always amazed the ways you can get him posed! xx

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