20 Day Master Challenge – Day Nine (Facts about you)

Day Nine – 20 Facts about you

1. I have three tattoos

2. My favourite meal is Spaghetti Carbonara (by far! Yum!)

3. The most expensive footwear I own is a pair of boots that are known as ‘Dubarrys’ (And they leak, but I still wear them out of principle, because they were so expensive!)

4. I have one half sister (who has five children and one step child) and one half brother (who has one child and one step child)

5. I love ‘squash’ drinks, but can only drink them when they are really, really weak (I mean half the strength of what normal people have!)

6. I have two piercings in my ears, and a belly button piercing

7. I have naturally curly hair

8. I have the following letters after my name (Proud moment!): BSc (Hons) DipRLM AssocRICS

9. My two biggest fears are the dentist, and sinking mud

10. I am addicted to TV soaps (Eastenders, Emmerdale, Coronation Street)

11. I hate people touching my bare feet and couldn’t touch anyone elses (I don’t mind if they/I have socks on). The only person that can touch my bare feet is Lisa, the lady who does pedicures. We’ve worked on it for ages and now I’m used to her!!

12. I drive a skoda and it has a personalised plate (I know I’m sad :))

13. I go to lots of dog shows in the UK and in Europe (mainly Holland) – This picture was taken when we won our class at the World Championships in Paris 2011

14. One day, I would love to be a mother. I need to sort myself out first to make sure I could responsibly look after a child’s physical and emotional needs.

15. I went to a private school until I was 18 (and still speak like I have a plumb in my mouth when I get drunk

16. I very rarely drink as I don’t feel I can control myself when under the influence of alcohol.

17. I have taken many types of drugs in my life; cocaine, acid, weed, ecstasy, steroids, magic mushrooms, MDMA, the list goes on. I have never taken heroin and never would. In fact I would never take any type of drugs again.

18. The least favourite part of my body is my left arm, because of my scars. Closely followed by my stomach!

19. I hold down a full time job, working from 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday.

20. I am about to buy a house 🙂 🙂



  1. I’m really pleased to find this out about you … I’ll remember to cook you spag carb sometime … and I always have squash in our house … I’ll remember next time xxx

  2. Oh … and I also love the soaps!!! Don’t have to concentrate on them … they go in one ear and out the next!!! 🙂 xx

    1. Well well well… I looked at your name when you started following me and wondered…. you are definately a stalker… but I love you very much for it xxx

  3. It’s great that you are able to write and also share this list. Looking through it, you do have a number of positives in there. 🙂

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