20 Day Challenge Master List – Day ten (Things in your room)

Day 10 – 20 Things in your room

Later, I may add photos to this post. I haven’t decided yet!

1) My bed. (Obviously, everyone has a bed in their room (or at least a mattress). I just thought it was worth a mention as it is one of my favourite places in the world, and I spend half my life in it. In fact, I have just bought a new ‘memory foam’ mattress so soon I will love it even more!)

2) My TV. (It’s huge, and used to be my parents until they bought a new 3D TV. It’s too big for my room and a pain in the ass to switch on and off, but I like it because it has Sky and access to box office!)

3. The dog ‘area’. (I don’t let the dogs on the bed too much as I like to keep it clean and hair free, but I used to have a mattress topper which I chopped up to use for the dogs. It’s in the corner of my room covered in a furry blanket and Hogan loves it.)

4. Books. (A mix of fiction and non fiction)

5. Candles (I luuuuurve candles, especially Yankee candles. I have lots!)

6. Pictures (Canvas photos which I got through Groupon for £6, of Hogan)

7. Cosmetics (I very rarely wear make up apart from mascara, but the stuff I use every day is sat on my windowsill, so moisturiser, deodorant, face wipes).

8. Wardrobes (My fashion sense is pretty crap, so I tend to wear stuff that doesn’t match lol! As well as that, I tend to ‘copy’ people I’m spending time with – because I don’t have my own sense of who I am – so I just take ideas from other people. Sometimes I can be a ‘townie’, sometimes I can be a ‘goth’, sometimes I can be ‘country’… the list goes on! Hence I have a pretty wide selection of clothes!)

9. Pin Board (This has a combination of important letters and sentimental cards and objects like wristbands)

10. Washing basket (Self explanatory!)

Can you tell I’m running out of ideas?

11. Radiator (Thank god for central heating)

12. Certificates (Mainly to do with my dog)

13. Phone (I never use it as my mobile has free calls)

14. Sky TV (We have something called Sky Multiroom and I pay something like £10 per month for it)

15. Light (I mention this because I bought it from Ebay and I love it. It’s white with 3D butterflies on it)

16. First aid kit (Hidden from view as I think my parents would either be a bit perplexed as to why it is so big/comprehensive, or they would use stuff in it as it is more well stocked than the bathroom cabinet! But this one is self explanatory).

17. Teddies (From my childhood, I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of them. One of them, affectionately known as ‘hossie’ is a horse that I have had for most of my life)

18. Paperwork (Ranging from banking, dog stuff, work stuff, mental health stuff – all in a folder)

19. Laptop (I don’t use it as much as I used to as I spend a lot of time on my iPad now)

20. Me! (This sounds silly but if i’m not at work, and I’m not out with the dogs I’m mostly holed up in my room!



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