20 Day Master Challenge – Day Eleven (Persons you cannot live without)

Day eleven – Persons you cannot live without

This is an easy one, but I won’t be able to do 20; So I will make up the list with “things I can’t live without” too.

1. Hogan (My beautiful, beautiful dog. He is the centre of my universe)

2. Jen (Needs no introduction. I just couldn’t live without her.)

3. Kim (I love her more than she probably realises)

4. Heather (My beautiful friend Hevs. She’s like my little sister)

5. Lexi (Another little sister. She’s like I was, at her age. I feel a special connection to her.)

6. Wendy (A dear friend I met through dogs. She is wonderful)

7. Nicki (Another friend through dogs. We are very similar in personality, although she is not a Borderline (and she is healthy!) ❤

8. Mum (Although we have our problems, in her own way, she does support me.)

9. Dad (As above. He does pretty much everything for me, that I am unable to do myself. Plus I would feel terrible guilty about not including my Mum & Dad on this list.)

I’ve now run out of people, so will move on to things…!

10. My iPhone (Links me to the world, when I don’t have it I feel like I’m missing a limb)

11. My iPad (I got it through the business, but it’s more a toy than anything)

12. My car (Enables me to have freedom, go to dog shows and events, and go visit people)

13. My medication (As much as I would love to stop taking it, if I don’t take it for 2 days in a row I get the most awful withdrawal symptoms)

14. Moisturiser (I have some sort of OCD about moisturising my hands. I swear, I must do it at least 50 times per day. Everywhere I go, I take some with me, and I have a big squirty bottle on my desk which I use every hour or so)

15. My camera (I love it. I only recently bought it, and it’s a Canon EOS 550D. I don’t know how to use it properly yet but I love practicing, and with my new 75 – 300mm lens, the pictures come out quite good!)

16. My bed (I just love my bed. I would be seriously grouchy if I had to sleep on the floor.)

17. Perfume (This is another OCD type thing. I have to use it every day.)

18. Shower (Same as above. I hate being dirty).
19. Deodrant (Same as above). There is actually nothing worse than B.O.)
20. WordPress (It gives me an outlet, and it is better than any therapy than I’ve ever had before. I feel extremely validated, and I feel like I’m making a difference.)


  1. I always love the pictures of your dog. That one is priceless 😀

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