20 Day Challenge Master List – Day fourteen (artists you dislike)

Day fourteen – Persons/Artists/both you dislike

There aren’t that many people in ‘real life’ that I dislike, and regardless of that, it wouldn’t be right to name them publicly so I’m going to stick to celebrities and famous people)

1. Keith Lemon (What a tosser. Enough said. He makes me cringe)

2. Russell Brand (Just way too over the top)

3. Lady Gaga (She scares me a little although I’m sure she is to some peoples’ tastes)

4. Katie Price (Formerly Jordan)

5. Jeremy Kyle (What. a. plonker. Absolutely loved the show where the bloke threw a glass of water over him)

6. Ashley Cole (What a rat!)

7. Osama Bin Laden (‘Nuff said)

8. Tom Cruise (As above… loved it when he got squirted in the face with a water pistol)

9. Chris Moyles (Arrogant!!)

10. Gillian McKeith (I never knew who she was until I’m a celebrity get me out of here…)

11. Wayne Rooney (Another cheating love rat)

12. Jodie Marsh (What has that girl done to herself?)

13. Jedward

14. Kerry Katona

15. Justin Beiber

16. Paris Hilton!

17. Lindsay Lohan (I loved her in the parent trap, then she became a drug user)

18. Cher Lloyd (Hate her arrogance and she can’t sing)

19. Jeremy Clarkson (Such an egotistical prick.)

20. George Galloway



  1. bpshielsy · · Reply

    Jedward deserve a long slow death!

    Why don’t you like Mr Clooney?

  2. Who’s Mr Clooney?!

    1. bpshielsy · · Reply

      Haha just reread your last one & saw it says Galloway & not Clooney. I’ll put my glasses on next time 🙂

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