20 Day Challenge Master List – Day seventeen (Places you want to go)

Day seventeen – 20 Places you want to go

1) St. Lucia – I don’t know why but it is my lifelong dream to visit St. Lucia!

2) Fiji (And stay in the underwater hotel!! Will have to win the lottery first!)

3) Dubai

4) Iceland (Oh yeah, I’m going there in less that a month! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)

5) Africa (A safari holiday)

6) Australia (Just to see if everyone really is upside down…..!!)

7. Tibet

8. The North Pole

9. The Tadj Mahall

10. The blue ridge mountains (USA)

11. Venice

12. The dead sea

13. The forbidden city

14. The Pyramids (Egypt)

15. Yellowstone National Park (To try and find Yogi!)

16. Japan

17. Bhutan

18. Costa Rica

19. Killarney (Ireland)

20. Portugal



  1. bpshielsy · · Reply

    Great pics!

  2. Very jealous of the fact that you’re going to Iceland soon! 😀

    Hope you have a great time and bring back some stories to share. Maybe some photos too? 🙂

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