Not feeling so good today (A little poem)

Just thought instead of writing out how I feel today, I will share a little poem I hashed together


Fighting the Feeling by Me!

Just this morning, I couldn’t take the pain

Wanted to cut to make it go away again

The release that wakes a feeling inside

A habit I am so desperate to hide


Taking that blade across by skin

Awakens a desire from deep within

The sharpness of pain, the brightness of blood

I try to deny it but it feels so good


We remember back to the friends we had

They see the scars and felt too sad

We did our best to hide the cuts

Time to stop; So many ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’


Is this how my life will be?

All these scars which label me

I need the strength to avoid the blade

I want to stop but I’m too afraid


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