A Poem about being one-mindful

I came across this on True Recovery, and believe it is written by Nita Taylor. Anyhow, it was too good not to share.

One Mindfully; A Poem

An unattended, misdirected mind that is left to wander and to stray;
Is amazingly receptive and accepting of everything coming its way.
The consequence is a state of mental havoc, if permitted to go left unchecked,
Leaving the emotions in total disarray, the nerves absolutely wrecked.

One – Mindfully is a DBT skill that is indispensable to utilize;
To help the mind through mastery, with the present reality to realize.
It requires some practice to learn to sustain a strict focal point of focus,
Which takes advantage of no drugs, therapy, or the undertaking of hocus pocus.

One – Mindfully is a skill involving the centering of one’s attention;
That can be performed anytime, anywhere, and without reservation.
It is doing just one thing at a given time, staying focused on the here and the now
Paying no attention to diversions directing thoughts to when, where, why, or how.

One – Mindfully is watching out a window focusing on the falling rain,
Or sitting in your car waiting, focusing your attention on a passing train.
One – Mindfully can be performed while watching a blooming flower,
As well as during daily maintenance, as you take a shower.

One – Mindfully highlights the five senses, granting recognition to them all;
Focusing attention on a specific task, not permitting lapse of awareness to fall.
It is mastered by taking control of the thoughts, occurring within the mind;
During which, if you find your thoughts wandering, then it is time to gently remind.

It is a centering skill of direction on what one is at the moment doing;
It liberates anxiety, apprehension, and dread; a cognitive course worth pursuing.
It is a means to an end, helping the mental havoc to lessen; momentarily subside
Bringing serenity and tranquility, the intellect a more pleasurable place to reside

If this expertise gives the impression as too ridiculous or simplistic to be true,
Accept it as a challenge, and give One – Mindfully a chance to work for you
Utilization of the skill, One – Mindfully, will prove these words shared are so
As with recognition and awareness, emotions are decreased and are let go.

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