An excerpt from ‘the life in the night’ – Part Nine *explicit*

[protected post] Another first

  • Apr. 6th, 2008 at 12:02 PM

My client last night was another first – my first American! I was given the heads up by the agency before I went that he was a lovely american gentleman that liked lots of deep throating, which to be honest, worried me slightly, as i have a tendency to gag if I do it too much, or if I feel as though I can’t get out of the situation. I just hoped he had a small cock, and not a monster.

It took an hour to get there and to be honest i wasn’t really in the mood, I was tired, but hey it’s money and business has thankfully picked up lately and so I’ve had a few recent jobs.

It was a house call so I parked in a lay-by close to his house and walked there, I would never park in the driveway, to protect their privacy. Waiting at the door, I wondered what to expect. When he opened it, he seemed nice – almost a cross between Hulk Hogan and sherlock holmes but nothing drastically awful. He was around 55 – 60, but friendly enough. He had an amazing, strong american accent and smelt like cinnamon – he almost reminded me of one of those old fashioned cowboys you see in american films – with a big white tash and beard.

He had a lovely dog – a dalmation called cinder, for which he later explained was because he was a fire chief from the USA, working as a civilian in the UK for 5 years.

We sat and chatted for a little bit in the lounge before moving to the bedroom, where I offered him a massage. This went well, and progressed to french kissing, and we both stripped off before I gave him oral. I spent a lot of time over the oral, occasionally deep throating just to tease him, and found myself actually enjoying it. As much as I don’t like the fact that I am a whore, and doing these things with people I don’t know, it’s a great feeling to see how happy I can make someone by just giving them a little bit of pleasure. I found if I wrapped my hand round the base of his cock I could control how deep and how long it stayed deep for, and although he had his hand resting on the back of my head, it seemed to be more of an affectionate gesture than an aggressive or possessive one. After about 10 minutes he gently moved me over, and then went down on me. He was fantastic – really gentle and really knew what he was doing, as and much as I am not comfortable with that being done normally, I let myself enjoy it.

The phone on the bedside table rang, and it was his son. I had to stop myself from giggling when he said to him ” can i ring you back in a bit? I’m in the middle of something right now…”. He was such a lovely chap I couldn’t help but like him.

We had a chat while I gave him a massage about what I did and didn’t do, I said the only thing I didn’t do was anal, purely because I didn’t want to, which was fine, seeing as we aren’t expected to anyway. Oh, plus bareback (sex without a condom) and CIM (cum in mouth). We then moved on to some 69 then some more oral.

After him going down on me I gave him a bit more oral before I put a condom on him and climbed on top of him. I rode him slowly and what I hoped was sensually, looking into his eyes, giving him a coy smile, resting my palms flat on his chest and pushing myself back to let him look at me (I had to let go of the fact I felt self conscious and actually he seemed to make it easy) until my legs started to ache like a bitch. Luckily, he decided he wanted to change position so we rolled over with him on top. I then put my legs over his shoulders and within a couple of minutes he came … I love it when that happens lol. So satisfying!

He went for a cigarette outside, and when he came back, I gave him another massage. Another massage turned to more oral, with lots of deep throating this time, which I coped with really well. It does make me feel quite powerful to be able to have that affect on someone. Although I hate the taste of cock after it’s worn a condom!!!!!! Yet again, I put another condom on him and he started to fuck me doggy, but suddenly he leapt up off the bed. I turned round to see what had happened, and just managed to stop myself from bursting out into laughter, as it turned out he had gotten cramp in his thigh! By the time it had passed he had gone soft so he decided that he didn’t want to do any more “riding” that night (his words lol) so I gave him a final massage before getting dressed and saying my goodbyes.

All in all, one of my better, lovely clients. I hope to see him again soon, but in this business you never know.

Love and kisses

Belledenoir x x x

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