I am trying to be strong tonight but bot going too well. the anxiety got too much so ive taken some valium to settle it. The pressure is getting too much. Am I allowed a break from being strong and well??? I just want to press the off switch for a little while and not have anyone worry or hurt.



  1. Everyone has their moment. It is what we make out of it that makes us strong. Not if we have the strength to not do something or do it. Believe me, if there was some way to insta-port somewhere, I would and give you a hug. That or wave a magic wand to make everyone forget their issues/problems/thoughts.

  2. Yes, it’s perfectly ok to take a break from feeling strong. Just don’t give up on the progress you have already made. Tell yourself, “I feel shit today, I won’t beat myself up and make myself feel worse. It will pass, and then I will continue getting better again.” Take one Valium, watch a sitcom, and be proud that you didn’t make things worse or do anything irreversible when you’re not feeling the greatest.

    1. Thank you. These are skills I need to learn xx

  3. Angel O'Fire · · Reply

    If only we had an off button, as Patrick has said above me we all have a moment, that is what makes us strong, these moments are the moments that we can allow to beat us or we can take hold of and use to make us stronger learn from them, figure out their triggers and point them in a direction that is going to benefit us. I wish I had more than word to offer, however sadly I don’t all I can tell you is that things will get better, and then worse again, but its in the times that are somehow better you will find the strength to fight the demons that are in the times of not so good.
    Never be sorry for feeling low, never be sorry for feeling emotions, just remember your a lot stronger than you think, or see, and sorry is not part of that equation.
    ((hugs)) Angel

    1. Thank you xxxxxx

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