Please find April Jones

For those of you in the UK (and possibly farther afield), this little girls face will probably be very familiar to you;

This is a 5 year old girl, April Jones, who is currently still missing, suspected abducted. She has been missing now for 3 days, and as every hour goes by it seems more and more likely that she will not be found alive, if at all.

I am not a religious person, but I find myself praying to someone (or something!!) that she will be found safe. I cannot imagine what her parents are going through. It makes me treasure the people in my life.


  1. Sadly given they have a person in custody I cannot see this having a happy ending though I pray I am wrong

    1. I know. I just can’t believe that they have someone in custody that they have been able to name and provide pictures of, when he hasn’t admitted to anything – think of all the libel/slander cases!

      1. Would only guess that they actually have some proof that he is actually a suspect mind you even if they haven’t it isn’t slander as they say he is being questioned which he is it would only assig into libel territory if they openly say he did it

      2. Ah ok. It’s just unusual to release pictures. The whole thing is awful though. I don’t understand how someone could do this sort of thing.

      3. It is something I will never understand on an emotional level infact I would never want to, on an intellectual level the studies done and understanding professionals gain seem to do nothing towards preventing it – being careful to avoid slander myself here I will say i wonder how many of these abuser woul find it easier to ‘resist their urges’ if the death sentence were brought back for anyone abusing children rather than knowing if you get caught you will get sent to special protected wings in prison with all your human rights protected for what most of the them is for a fairly short period

      4. Definately agree. They should bring the death penalty back, the only risk is those being executed when they are innocent. I like the idea of what happened in the film clockwork orange – behavioural conditioning.

      5. that would only work if we could be sure that there was no genetic predosposition, they now believe that addiction could be genetically inherited so we would have to be sure to castrate them as well until we were sure , the problem is the human rights brigade would jump in to protect them, maybe give them the choice between conditioning or death? I dont know an answer that would lease everyone only that every day the papers and news channels prove what we have now does not protect children only those who abuse them, maybe life should mean life but prisons should be taken back to harsher standards, let them live on bread and water they wont have the energy to riot

  2. Oh that poor little girl is in my thoughts, she has cerebral palsy too and apparently got into someones car…someone she must have trusted hence they’re looking at him. I can only hope and pray that she is found safe and as sound as she can be soon :/

  3. I am a bit far away to hear about this. What are the details? These things always make me really sad. My little cousins are the closest things to me and I cannot imagine this happening to either of them. I can’t imagine being a parent and feeling that way. So sad. Thanks for posting this. xxxx

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