Here in Iceland


We arrived at about 5pm today and I love it already!

Simon arrived yesterday evening, and after going to Tesco to pick up some bits and bobs, and showing him the cottage, we packed up some final bits, my parents went to bed and I had a shower.

I’m actually hating my body so much right now. I have a really bad cold just before I go on holiday, and to make things worse, I came on two days ago, right before I go on holiday with my friends with benefits!! How unlucky can you be!

While I was in the shower I suddenly started to feel really horny. I think being on makes me feel like that, perhaps it’s the hormones?! I came out of the shower and went to Simons room, but he was really reluctant to do anything because he said he couldnt with my parents in the house. I could feel myself turning into ‘summer mode’ and I suddenly realised that the way to get what I wanted wasnt to keep on asking, but to make it so that he couldnt possibly refuse. I pressed myself up against him, pressing my chest against his with my knee in his crotch. The response was immediate, and gave me even more confidence. Needless to say we were very quiet!!

This morning we got up early, and arrived in Iceland around 3pm, finally getting to the apartment at around 5pm. It is a little studio apartment in the centre of Reykjavic (the capital of Iceland), it’s cheap and cheerful bit perfect for us. We went out for a little dinner and to explore the local area, which was really nice. While we were walking along, I linked my arm through Simons, and he passed comment and asked if I was feeling all romantic, no which I replied I wasnt… I was just being friendly. A little later on, I was walking next to him, but deliberately not linking arms, and he asked me too… So he obviously liked it.

We had a long conversation about this girl he is going out with. As expected, she had a big problem with him going to Iceland with me, despite it being booked over 8 months ago (I don’t blame her, I would have a problem with it too if I was her!). The problem is, and I know I need to take this with a pinch of salt, Simon tells me she is very clingy, very possessive, always telling him she loves him And Asking if he loves her (they haven’t even been together that
Iong). I think Simon likes our relationship because I’ve always said I wanted no strings sex, and nothing more. Both of us like the fact there is no commitment. Eventually, I would love to have a family but my head just isn’t in the right place for that right now. Do I feel bad he is cheating on her? I probably should, but no. It is his decision. He is doing the cheating, not me.

When we got back to the apartment I lay on the sofa for a while, whilst Simon had a shower. I chatted to Jen on Facebook and text Kim. I had a weird feeling that something wasn’t quite rig with Kim so I hope she’s ok. At least when I’m at home I know I can drive there if I need to. When Simon came back we started messing about which ended up with sex in the shower (remember I’m on…. Yeah I know too much information lol but now you get why it was in the shower!!). Sex in the shower is supposed to be romantic but it is anything but. First of all, he lifted me off my feet and held me against the wall, which was great until I hit my head on the low ceiling, then he slipped over, then the shower suddenly turned boiling hot and nearly scalded us both!!! We soon retired to the bedroom with a towel on the bed and the lights off (I just find the whole time of the month thing icky!!).

I thought I would have a really big issue with him seeing me naked but funnily enough, even thou I know I’ve put on weight, I was quite happy him seeing me, and quite happy to wander around the apartment naked afterwards too, which I was really surprised about. Maybe it is because I’m comfortable with him, I’m not sure. I know I have to end this relationship we have going on when we get back from Iceland, but for this week I’m just going to enjoy it. At the very least we do have the best sex ever (lol) and I’m sooo looking forward to exploring this beautiful country.

Catch you soon, and stay safe xxxx

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