Mixed bag today

This morning I woke up early, around 6.30am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Simon was still asleep, so I got up and got myself a drink, and sat on the sofa.

I noticed Simons phone on the arm of the sofa, and against my better judgement, picked it up and opened up the Facebook messages application. The only one I read was the conversation between him and his girlfriend, and surprisingly, it was Beth affectionate; so much for him not having feelings for her. It didn’t make me feel hurt or upset, which is good, it just re-affirmed the fact that this holiday is all about purely what I can get out of it for me, and at the end of it, it will be the end of an ‘era’ so to speak.

I realised the sunrise was at 7.30am so woke Simon up and persuaded him to walk down to the edge of the water with me to get a good view of it. After that, we walked a little, arm in arm, before buying some supplies at the supermarket and going back to the apartment.

After a rest of an hour or so, we set back out to do a walking tour of Reykjavic that I had downloaded on my phone. This consisted of a cathedral (we went right to the top and checked out the panoramic views of the city), a beautiful lake, the harbour, sculptures, the shopping district, a famous cemetery and the national museum of Iceland.

The museum was interesting, and in a room off to the side were two leather chairs, with a table in between, with a chess board upon it. Simon and I played a game, and I found it very easy to practice mindfulness during the game. The silence of the museum, coupled with being totally engrossed in the moves on the board was a very therapeutic experience.

After about 5 hours of exploring, we returned to our room for a rest. I felt a little mischievous, so I made a bet with Simon that I could give him an erection without actually touching him. Plan A – describing what I would do to him – had no effect at all so I then had to move on to plan b – blowing on him – still no effect. Plan C, my final option, I knew would defeat him. I opened up my iPad, logged in to RedTube, and… Bombs away, I won the bet 😉 😉

A little later we went out for a lovely meal, and a walk round downtown Reykjavic. It is beautiful in the day, vibrant, but beautiful in the night in a different way – magical even. We walked around linked arms… At one point Simon looked as though he was going to hold my hand which I quickly diverted!!

When we got back to the apartment we were both exhausted so chilled on the sofa for a little bit. I was trying to get Facebook to tag photos using the iPhone app but it was having none of it. When I tried to log in to my Facebook using the Internet explorer, I realised I was still logged on to a friends Facebook; my old trainer.

It’s a long story, but myself and someone else logged on to his Facebook using my phone to see if he was talking about us. Realising I was still logged into his account, I just couldn’t help myself but quickly regretted it.

He, who I thought was my friend, had been slagging me off behind my back. I felt upset, and told Simon what I had done and how I felt. I needed to share how I was feeling to get it out. He didn’t really have any good advice so I text my friend nicki who made me feel better. She told me off for snooping again (I deserved that) but also told me he was probably hurting (it’s a long story but he’s but happy I’m in Iceland with another man) and not to take it to heart. She has made me feel better and stopped a potentially damaging chain of thought.

Absolutely exhausted after my escapades today so off to bed now. Wanted to share all that while it was fresh in my mind.


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