Today’s revelations!

Last night Simon I had quite a hilarious chat about role play. We were lying in bed in that ‘after sex haze’ when the conversation turned to role play. I admitted that I would love to try it, but don’t think I could do it as I won’t be able to keep a straight face. He suggested we try a ’50 shades of grey’ themed role play at some point, which I can imagine being really fun, but I’m not sure I’m brave enough!!!!!

This morning was amazing. We went on a horseback tour of the lava fields, on Icelandic horses. The tour lasted about 2 hours with a break in the middle, and the tour guide taught us how to get the horse to do the ‘tolt’, a very smooth gait individual to the Icelandic horse. The scenery was breathtaking and I won’t forget the experience for a while.

After returning to the apartment for a rest, we made our way to Laugardalslaug, a geothermally heated pool complex. Now, here I was in for a little shock. Had I have done my research I would have known what was coming, but if I had I probably wouldn’t have gone. On going into the changing room, I was faced with a sign informing me that before I was allowed into the pool complex I had to shower in the shower area (all open) and wash myself in a list of areas (shown on the sign!!) ….. Naked.

So, without thinking about it too much, I stripped off my clothes, put them in the locker, got hold of my bikini and without looking around made my way to the showers. It was here I made three observations; everyone else was naked, no-one was looking at me, I felt perfectly comfortable BEING naked.

It was quite a revelation for me; someone who hates their own body and would do anything to hide it, being comfortable standing naked in a room of strangers, also naked.

The complex was amazing. Think blue waters with steam rising from the surface. It the distance you could see the mountains and the sky was blue in some areas and cloudy in another. The complex was made up of a couple of pools, surrounded by many ‘hot pools’ ranging from 38 – 44 degrees, plus steam rooms and saunas.

The water is all geothermal with no chemicals, so I can understand why they make you all wash naked before you go in.

I moved around the pools with Simon, until he decided to go off and do some lengths. I took myself off to a pool with salt water from the Atlantic Ocean, at 44 degrees. It was from there I sat and watched the sun sink behind the mountains I could see in the distance, practicing mindfulness with breathing exercises. I think for the first time in my life, at that moment, I experienced a glimpse of what inner peace feels like.

It was a very strange feeling being in jot water, when the outside is so cold. I found myself walking from pool to pool, completely relaxed, not caring whether people looked at me or not. Comfortable in my own skin.

I did notice that Simon kept looking at me, and when I asked him about it he told me it was because he found my body attractive. I decided to agree to disagree with him and let go the feeling of self doubt. I suppose it should be obvious to me by now that he likes my body no matter how much I dislike it – it’s not as if men can hide when they are turned on by something is it??!!

Just chilling out in the apartment now before going for a curry. Lots of love to you all. Xxxx

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  1. wish there was a love button. can i just tell you how much i love this post. everything about it. the pictures you paint, the feelings it evokes, the sense you did find a moment of inner peace, and the realization that hell yeah, men wear their ardor on their sleeve…well maybe not sleeve, but you know what i mean. this is a happy place and i’m happy you found it.

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