Picture post – Iceland

Here are some pictures from my Iceland trip for you to enjoy 🙂

Posing with a viking

Relaxing at the harbour

Moment of mindfulness at Pingvellir National Park

Gulfoss Waterfall

Greenlandic Puppies

Jolulsaron Glacial Lagoon

The Aurora Borealis (The  Northern Lights <3)

Dog love

Another moment of minfulness

The Blue Lagoon

Hello Icelandic Horses

Hope you enjoyed xx



  1. Looks Amazing would love to see the northern lights

  2. I’m so jealous you got to see the Northern Lights!!! Your pictures are beautiful. I hope that you got a lot out of your trip to Iceland… especially in your moments of mindfulness. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures and reminding me of such a beautiful place. xo.

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos. I’d give anything to see the Northern Lights. Hope you enjoyed your trip, and thanks for posting the photos!

  4. Great pics. Looks like a lovely place. I hope you feel better soon. Kat 🙂

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